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IN MY SMALL TOWN called omoku, a town in onelga local govenment area of rivers state, a man (ifeanyi refuses to realeses surname) said that for quite some time he has been suspecting recent activities that his wife carries out but he wasn"t all that sure, this happened earlier this year, in april 27 it all happened that it wasn"t a joke at all, exactly on the 27th of april 2011 she wrote him a letter that she was no longer interersted in the relationship and ran away with their first son, he was so devasted left all alone in lagos with their daughter and stranded at that cause she stole his money, he said that he called his parents to notify them of the situation and they encouraged him to leave the issue to the hands of God that he will take care of the situation, later on, exactly the first of may 2011`he had to borrow just to get back to his parents place"s of residence and eventually when he arrived and BEHOLD on his way to see a friend he saw her with a bucket going to fetch water, at that instance he called out just to be sure "blessing" and immediately she started crying it was then that he knew that indeed she was cheating on him, he immediately called the attention of the police, who wasted no time to intervene in issue..., took her to station and he (the husband) was there watching and all of a sudden came a boy shouting i want you to release my wife and my son,he (the husband) was surprised at this act, it was later on that the policemen who were around threw him inside the cell, where he started to confess how the girl has been living with him and how she always come to meet him telling him that she lives with her sister who resides in Lagos town, the sergeants who were there had to beat the hell out of the boy, and as for the girl after a day or two they let her go in order for her to take care of the baby boy, but exactly may 8 the boy was let to go in order to see if he will change his behavior, instead he got even deadlier and hostile he attacked the husband of the girl with a four wheel spanner, and ran away, this matter was reported to the police station after the husband o the girl has presented his medical report the the police station, so the police began to look for him from town to town and from community to community, it was later discovered that he was in the town riding motorcycle(okada) in the same town (omoku) in which he committed the act and police had to throw him inside the cell once again this time they made sure they dealt with him thoroughly wit h bruises all over his face and all parts of his body, they had to deceive the family of the husband that he would be transferred to sass in port Harcourt the capital city the following day but unknown to the husband he was released and let to go free on his normal duties this is what i call police injustice...as for the boy the family of the husband had to claim him back as their rightful son...what is our so called police sector turning into?
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