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Nigerian food..........hmmmmm


Date Sunday, January 30th 2011, 7:56 PM in Food Recipee
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when i think about nigerian food, i go like hmmmmmmmmmm yummy in ma tummy. am a proud nigerian and i love our dishes be it hausa, yoruba and igbo.....well an others too.

i really cant place which one is my favourite cause is everywhere. ranging from Abacha (african salad), to moi moi jezzzzzz so many food to mention.

my favourite food is ABACHA.........yes in CAPITAL. hahahahahaahahaha. its very easy to prepare
Abacha is a Nigeria dish from the East, it is prepared with dried finely chopped or shredded cassava.

ingredients: Palm Oil- a cup depending on the size by not much
4 or 5 Garden Eggs, diced
400g Abacha
Stockfish- 10 pieces, spiced and cooked
Kpomo, cooked nd sliced.
2 or 3 wrap of Ugba ( finely sliced)
finely chopped garden egg leaves.
1/4 tsp Potash
Seasoning cube
Pepper to taste
3 tbsp ground Crayfish
Boiling water
Salt to taste

....................more neet week .......................

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