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There is the urgent need to revolutionize our mind set, change our priorities, focus on education, adapt quickly to our environs, we should be determine to succeed. Since the onset of the European financial crisis, I have read extensively on the subject, the more I do the less I understand and the more confuse I become. Nevertheless, I have understood one major thing about modern Euro
pe, solidarity is the key. Countries like Spain, Italy, Portugal and Greece must be saved from collapsing. A fall of any of these countries would have adverse, retrogressive impact on the others.

The story in the Nigerian communities all over the world is the opposite, the black man and for that matter Nigerians believe they can only succeed after they have brought their brothers and sisters down. The question we need to ask, has that ever brought the needed results, the answer is NO. We remain the only folks on this planet that think only of today, we refuse to invest into the future.

The likes of Mobutu, Eyedema, Babaginda, Abacha and many other African leaders looted their citizens of anything they could lay hands on. And even in our new democratic dispensations the focus of politicians has been on how to enrich themselves at the expensive of the tax payer. If at least one of them could have built a university or a hospital and name it after him, my mind could find some rest.

I challenge Blacks and Africans in general that should whites introduce slavery again, we shall start selling one another! That is how far we can go… A prominent German politician had this to say, “Ihr seid wach, aber unstrukturiert, verwirren und & ohne Orientierung”. Literally meaning: the African communities are awake, but unstructured, confused and without direction". At first I felt insulted, but today I am in better position to examine this statement critically.

SOLIDARITY: The number one enemy of our advancement and miserable state of affairs is our lack of solidarity. For our community to see real collective progress we need to mobilize support for one another. If we begin to patronize the services of one another we can at least attain the Chinese status worldwide. People you dine and drink with, kept asking if your business is still existing, these are people who consciously refuse any services you render and waiting to see the day you fold up. Let us learn from the Euro Crisis, for we are the same boat. Ironically they kept reminding you that their kids are having challenges with internship. Forgetting Siemens was not established overnight. The Indians, Chinese, Turkish and Lebanese are now controlling Nigerian trades, they own shops and sell all that we can produce in Nigeria from our resources, even fishes caught in our Ocean are imported, we have crude oil, we import petrol into Nigeria. My fellow Nigerians, where are our senses?

We have since time immemorial attributed all our failures to racial discrimination, I have never doubted the existence of it, but I believe that should rather motivate us to excel in what ever we undertake; Racial discrimination shall remain part of humanity, just as tribalism has eaten deep into Africans.
Jesus Christ said "He that is without Sin, Cast the first Stone " if you are practicing & preaching tribalism, who are you to question racial discrimination.

Lack of creativity is another challenge facing our community; we are having so many wonderful ideas dying, it is difficult to invent. If one meet somewhere ,if you have similar ideas join the existing institutions or bodies to expand what they have. The attitude of organizing parallel events and arguing that Nigeria is big enough and that every Nigerian can do what he wants is a fallacy. I disagree with it.....

Thinking only of today! Let’s analyze our present actions carefully and be mindful of the consequence and implications on the community tomorrow. Unfortunately we are refusing to put measures in place that shall take care of us in the near future. Research has it that Africans remain poor because we care only of today; The European are what they are because they invest into the future.

I still belief that for us to make any meaning impact in this civilize and advance society we need to enter into mainstream politics. For us not to make the mistake of importing our outdated African politics of divide and rule, we need to help by criticizing them objectively. They are setting the pace for the future generation.We need to come together, involve Party leaders and the result shall be wonderful.

Another disturbing issue is the divisions! All of a sudden my good friends are all busily building clans around themselves, the question is what for? Everybody wants to be seen to be in charge, thus resulting in the countless number of events we are organizing around. Please it is not the quantity that matters but the quality of what we do.
The quality of leaders we badly need is those who shall help unite our poor communities. I am afraid this attitude of you are either for me or against me is not what we want at this level of our development in Africa. How can you represent a group of people, at the same time quarreling with them. You have every right to disagree but not waging war! We want leaders to unite us not to strengthen the division. Our leaders should be a Blessing not a Curse.
The major political parties should not use the political immaturity of others to manipulate them; one might argue we do not have the numbers to be of any importance, I am sorry that is wrong! Study the demo-graphical development of Countries in Europe carefully.

There is however the need for our churches to step up their social responsibilities. For instance there are Institutions , charity Organizations and so on, they can support them and help less privilege kids to go to school. By so doing they are helping create jobs. There are lots of help Churches can give to the society instead of a bishop or founder acquiring a private jet and mansions when it is written in Psalm 49:17 " For when he dieth he shall carry nothing away: his glory shall not descend after him."
The church have a great role to play in the development of our society and the country.. Muslim brothers and sisters have to take social responsibilities like the churches to make Nigeria grow.

My conclusion, as a person i can not change Nigeria but i can change a person and the person can change other person, i believe by doing this we are a step ahead. so Let us start the re-structuring process today, let us re-define our wants, and let us define what we want to be in 15 years. I entreat all Nigerians and Africans to take stuck of their minds set, re define our priorities, put education high on the agenda, develop interest in politics, live a stress free life and most importantly have solidarity to one another. Rome was not built in a day, but there should be a desire to build Rome. God Bless Nigeria! God Bless Africa.
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