Dating, a glimpse of its other side.

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What God has to say about Dating.
What's Dating? Dating is a process
that leads me to the one i want to
marry.You dont fall in love you
grow in love and becos love is a
process you start with being
acquainted. You dont know him or
her so you MUST take a STEP at a
Meeting a guy or a girl today and
tomorrow you're kissing, touching
each other and even sleeping
"whats his name" "iyke"
"iyke what?"
you dont even know and you're in
What love!
Thats shallowness!
Thats self!
Thats not God!
That means both of you are people
that are just pleasing themselves
and not God, and thats a pointer to
the fact that you're not in love but
seriously under the influence of
How do you think God wants you
to flee and not fall into the trap of
the flesh, i'll tell you how-
First, you must find God.
Secondly, you must be 'God-
centred',b ecos the bible said in
1John 4:7 "God is love"
And your primary concern in life as
a single should be:
-how can i please God.
-how can i know this God.
-how can i be that man or woman
that God wants me to be.
Dating, if it doesnt end in marriage
will end in a heart-rending break-
up, leaving you embittered, or
bring about an unimaginably
mental, spiritual, emotional or
psychological, disruption-i'll tell
you how:
1)You dont build any solid
relationship-in future you'll have
nobody to call my close friend,
becos everybody you spent energy
and time with broke up with you
and left.
2)You're so 'disfocused' in life-the
one you're dating, you spend so
much time with makes you:
i)Not to have time for yourself.
ii)Not to have time for your BIBLE
and book.
iii)Not to have time to pursue your
iv)Not to have time for a
constructive achievement in life.
Dating does so many things to you:
-you lose creativity in life.
-you lose constructive thinking and
-you lose energy and passion to
pursue personal dreams and goals.
-you lose imaginations and
directions of the future.
-you may even lose the zeal to
develop your talents, gifts and
-you lose self-confidence , you're
easily distracted.
-you lose good jugdement leading
to failure in business or career
-you lose yourself to someone else,
resulting from being intensely
-you lose your sanity and purity.
-you lose time, doing nothing.
-you lose your money, money you
would have given to God and his
works, money you would have
used for your future.
And you know what
happens. . .Everybody that breaks
your heart takes a piece.
But finally dearie, i want you to
know that, you're still very
precious to God.
So think twice.
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