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Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets, love those who treat you fine and forget who dosen't but still care about them the is always a reason why the people from your past could not make it to your future, no body ever said it will all be fine but they just promise that it might get better, you should try and make your future your best friend or else it will become your worst enemy when you lose it, as you grow up you learn more about what life is all about you found out that the one person that is not suppose to let you down will be the first to, you fight with your best friends and make up with them, your heart will be broken and it will really hurt and you will break a heart too before you do pls remember how bad it felt when yours was broken, when you got a chance take it, if it changes your life let it if it dosen't you know what to do, you will blame a new love for what the old one did, because you only think of the wrong your old love did to you but you never think of the wrong you did to your old love, life is too short to start sweeming in regrates, do all you can to calm yourself down when you are upset because every 60 seconds you spend being upset is 1 munit of happiness you will never get back so laugh all the time smile like you never did love with all your heart kiss with no regret smile like you never did keep your fingers cross be yourself belive in your self and try not to beat yourself too much for your mistakes fall in love without thinking of how bad the last one was cause life is too short to be anything other than happiness i said, thanx for reading. BUT HAT ONE NO MEAN SAY YOU NO GO DEY VEX, COZ THE TRUTH BE SAY U NO GO EVER BE LIKE JESUS I MAY NOT BE THE, MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN UR LIFE BUT I WISH THAT WHEN YOU HEAR MY NAME YOU SMILE AND SAY DAT's MY FRIEND.

What industry do you work in?? Artisic / musical / writer
Employment Status? Self-employed
Education? Undergraduate degree
Annual Salary? I'm on forbes for how much $$$ i have
Am here for? Fun

Comments (1095)


Happy new yr bro

31 Jan 14, 01:28 AM

How are u?



26 Sep 13, 05:08 PM

where u come dey now


That' s good to hear

10 Jul 13, 04:35 PM

My studies are going well, thanks for asking :)


Hey, been pretty good, you?

2 Jul 13, 09:01 PM




28 Jun 13, 11:39 PM

dis ur track tight o



19 Jun 13, 01:50 AM




29 May 13, 08:11 PM

helllllo senegal



24 Mar 13, 03:54 AM

I've been busy with school...still am but it's dying down.



21 Mar 13, 03:15 PM

Am fine


Yup, chilling like the sun on freeze-ray

18 Mar 13, 11:39 PM

How are you?

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