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GLOBAL PUBLICASH... the more you give the more you win

Tuesday, August 20th 2013, 9:17 AM in Other 626 0
Global PubliCash - The New System of Wealth Distribution. Great income potential without any risk Starting with only $10. GlobalPubliCash is an international system, which can generate quite good earnings within relatively short time. It’s characterized by the fact that all participants generate positive cash flow.

This is a great system that allows you to quite easily create a source of additional income (absolutely you do not have to give up your current job).

This is not a trading (investment) system, the flow chart of money in any case does not coincide with a system based on illegal pyramid scheme .

The program is Spanish-speaking, as it was established in one of the countries of Latin America (and more specifically Central America) –Nicaragua.

To join the system, you must pay an activation fee of $10 which will be given to the person through which you join the system i.e your direct sponsor.

($10 = 1,600 naira i.e 160 naira = $1)

This system is based on Binary Matrix which means you only need to register two people and they also, will need to register two people and so on.

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