Nigerian minister disgraced in New York

Tuesday, November 20th 2012, 7:53 AM in News 4273 3
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Nigeria’s anti-corruption war, minister embarrassed by Nigerians in New York

The anti-corruption war is taking a new twist particularly outside Nigeria where it is originating from. According to African news headlines, Nigeria’s minister of state for foreign affairs- Professor Viola Onwuliri got more that she bargained for recently in New York, United states when she was openly embarrassed by a group of protesting Nigerians inside the main hall of a “Town hall meeting”. It was gathered that the minister had hired a Nigerian ex-con to arrange for the meeting where she was expected to propagate the “good news” on President Jonathan’s governance, but unknown to her, the ex-con man hired some characters to engage in anti-government songs even before the meeting commenced.

According to Nigerian news report, the meeting venue was Grand Hyatt hotel in downtown Manhattan New York, and was expected to commence at 6pm, Sunday January the 18th however the minister didn’t show up until after 7.30 pm in the evening, this infuriated most of the Nigerian Nationals who were already seated in the hall waiting for the important personality from Nigeria.

According to Nigerian news daily reports, At exactly few seconds after 7.30 pm, the minister of state for foreign affairs walked into the meeting all accompanied by the Nigerian consulate general- Mr. Jerry Ugokwe and the Nigerian ambassador to Austria- Mr. Habib Habu. Trouble started shortly after the recitation of Nigeria’s National anthem and when minister mounted the podium to address the gathering- a certain young man entered from the rear, grabbed the microphone and started tongue-lashing the minister calling her all sorts of degrading names , most especially for coming late to the meeting.

According to Nigerian news online reports, the arguments and chaos continued for over 30 minutes until the NYPD officials were called to intervene. Normalcy was restored after a while but the protest did not allow the minister to continue with the program.

According to the latest Nigerian news reports, the lady that was hired to organize the meeting was found to be a notorious female con-artist who had served several jail terms in the United States and has duped many top politicians from Nigeria. Though the meeting eventually holds after about an hour of protest, and the minister was allowed to answer questions from the few remaining people in the hall. Considering the questions asked by Nigerians in the meeting, it was obvious that the anti-corruption was is gathering momentum , most especially in a country like United states where over 5 million Nigerians reside.
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