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We all want to be happy and fulfilled. often, though we demand too much of life. We set strict criteria for what will make us happy. When those criteria are not met, we develop attitude that makes matters worse. The most basic, most revealing question you can ask yourself is, WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO MAKE ME HAPPY?

1 Do you have to be happy every minute of every day?
2 Does everyone have to do what you want them to do?
3 Does every aspect of your work have to be fulfilling all the time?
4 Do you have to be making money than everyone else?
5 Do you have to have more power than everyone else?
6 Do you have to be recognized and rewarded for everything you do
7 Do you have to be loved by everyone you know?

The same attitude spoils many relationships. I've seen many of them fail because one or both of the people involved demanded too much of the other. Not everyone is perfectly neat, beautiful, charming, loving, funny, or attentive all the time. Life isn't a romance novel.
We often demand too much of love and friendship, and the same is true of happiness. It's easy to be happy if you can find happiness in small doses. If you set impossible criteria for happiness, then it will be all but impossible for you to be happy.
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