How to Manage Bedwetting in Children

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If you have a child that bed-wets, the first step is to show him or her that you understand what they are going through:
Be kind: If you are distressed about your child"s bed-wetting condition, what your child needs is not shaming and punishment but your reassurance and guidance. Never forget that him or her is just a kid and is confused about the situation. Reassure your child that bedwetting is normal, that there is nothing to be ashamed about, and that he/she will grow out of it. It might help him/her to know if someone else in the family used to wet the bed.
Try to make your child drink more fluids during the day, and less at night. Soft drinks that contain caffeine aren’t a good idea. This is because they increase the amount of urine produced, so children need to go to the toilet more often.
Always remember to remind your child to go to the toilet one last time before going to bed.
Leave a soft light on so it’s easy and ‘safe’ for your child to go to the toilet at night.
Protect your child"s mattress with a waterproof cover (mackintosh). Place a towel or other absorbent material between the waterproof cover and the bottom sheet (If your bed has one). Use a blanket that is easy to wash preferably cotton. Do not use wool blanket for now.
Keep clean pyjamas and bed-sheets in your child’s room so it will be quick and easy to change at night incase bedwetting occurs.
Allow your child to manage the clean-up themselves if it makes them feel better. That includes undressing and remaking the bed, and washing up. Some older children don’t want Mum or Dad upset with them.
Finally, always remember to clean the waterproof cover with disinfectant and odour control so as to avoid spread of skin problems and odour associated with bed wetting.
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