Religion! Ama Tanks Insist Africans should look inward

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Religion! Ama Tanks Insist Africans should look inward In October of 2010 passengers on an Air France flight from Lagos to Paris had a near miss plane crash, Ama Tanks was seating close to me, as the plane glided from left to right in a terrifying manoeuvre, passengers who are mainly Nigerians started praying in a united Christian fashion, Ama whom I later got to know was visiting Nigeria from her home country America ironically started chanting Yoruba incantations (OFO). In December of 2010 I caught up with Ama Tanks at a Bloggers conference in London. Ama Tanks writes for a New York based black media platform and practises Yoruba traditional religion. As more Africans adopt foreign religion, the new trend is Diaspora Africans looking into Africa for spiritual answers. " The Yoruba spiritual tradition is arguably the most widely practiced African tradition on earth, estimated with over 6 million adherents. The religion revolves around the appeasement of spiritual forces called orisha, considered intermediaries of God. Explore the dynamic character and energy of nine of the most popular orisa in the Yoruba pantheon. These include Obatala, Eshu, Oshun, Orunmila, Shango, Ogun, Yemoja, Obaluaye and Osanyin

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