IF you've had a hard life up until now-- here is the opportunity to change it all. By simply allowing SHAKURA Brotherhood to reshape your life, your dreams will indeed come true. Won't you allow yourself to finally relax, enjoy life and leave the work to us? Don't pass up the greatest opportunity you may ever be offered!

SHAKURA Brotherhood is a club or organization whose activities and inner functioning are concealed from non-members. SHAKURA Brotherhood is organized conspiracies working in secret to achieve a hidden agenda. Members use secrecy to protect themselves and their movement. Critics view as malevolent organizations working against the general will of mankind. ‘ Members may be required to conceal or deny their membership, and they are often sworn to hold the SHAKURA’s secrets by an oath. Violating the oath may result in the application of severe sanctions. Like the most successful forgeries, the most effective SHAKURA Brotherhood are unknown beyond their adherents. Members may be required to deny the organization itself exists.


join us today to find out more and see things for yourself.


Shake hands with the spirit of money and enjoy a lifetime of wealth, luxury and extravagance.

Live large as you've always wished.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

We are a Thelemic group working the lesser and greater mysteries of the African tradition as these mysteries have been influenced by the Book of the Law.

We accept all traditions except those whose dogma teaches eternal damnation or the subjugation of women or other groups based on race or creed. We are a society of individuals seeking to improve the planet by application of the principles propounded in the Book of the Law.

Our rites and lore are cumulative and lead gradually to the understanding and intelligent application of that which has been called the Great Secret: Love is the law, love under will

Occultism is much like water. It is neither good or bad in and of itself, but it can be used for both good and bad purposes. It can either quench thirst or drown a man, depending how it is employed. The secrets of the Occult course is meant to be used in a positive manner to help you change life for the better.

We have received several emails regarding our stories on the SHAKURA BROTHERHOOD. Most have asked how they can join while others simply wanted to understand the phenomenon further.Today, we look at how to join this secret society. According to the rules and regulations on how to join The BROTHERHOOD, the promise of wealth, success, power and domination simply by joining the SHAKURA is heresy. Powerful, Influential, intelligent, entrepreneurial, successful and wealthy individuals make up the brotherhood order. In order to join the SHAKURA brotherhood there is no secret handshake and you cannot just say that you are SHAKURA family -- when you are part of the New World Order you can rest assured that you will know, without being told. Surrounding yourself with successful people who support your goals, aspirations and achievements will raise your social stature; these people will know you are part of the SHAKURA brotherhood without you needing to say a thing; this successful and supportive network of people will also be SHAKURA. SHAKURA brotherhood members are handpicked through their achievements, ideas and concepts, through their interests or dedication to a cause. The New World Order guides potential candidates to become an SHAKURA associate, however being guided into the secret society does not automatically grant you a membership. Mutual interest is essential for successful initiation. Conspiracy Theorists have tried to decipher the SHAKURA's code, and by branding the order as domineering, SHAKURA worshiping clans in order to gain greed, success and power are a fallacy. Being SHAKURA is a state of mind, belief in your own success and surrounding yourself with others who believe in the same mindset will successfully guide you on your way. Having a positive mental attitude towards success creates success and success creates wealth, which leads to a mutually exclusive group of people -- The SHAKURA brotherhood. Opening your mind, dreaming and strive for success in your own right and leading by example are all traits of successful candidates and members.

Have you been looking for an opportunity to join a powerful occult group that will make you rich and powerful, protect you from ever enemy that stands in your way, make something out of your life now by joining the great brotherhood hood of Shakura Occult. Where quick wealth is sure for every wise man out there looking for ways to make money you have been fighting to keep yourself up to date. Try to meet up to your mate to stand among your equals. Making money is for everybody but if you are not wise enough you may say money is not coming your way that is why we are now here to help you get wise and understand that your destiny is in your hands, you may ask how you can know your destiny your have in your hands I will still tell you that no man is born to be poor in life that is why we are here to teach you the ways you can make fast and endless wealth without no human killings if you are a wise person and you can use any opportunity that comes your way pick your phone now call us on +2348164468154 for too much money and how to make it as time wait for no one do something that your children will enjoy and remember you with so make your way to us now and let the God of money bless you with endless wealth and power without no bloodshed or killing this Brotherhood is purely based on animal sacrifice there can never be a point when you will be ask to get any human blood or parts, the best thing you can do for your self and your family is to get to rich, riches comes a lot of things riches command respect riches brings love riches brings firm which is make the world go round if you are not rich what are you waiting for what do you stand to lose by joining us the moving train The Brotherhood with the power to change your life around for good a wise person can only make a wise choice do not let's an opportunity like this pass you by

The Shakura powers.... talking about the Shakura powers the powers that we have is an ancient power that most of our forefathers use that give them long life and prosperity if you look around you will see untimely death everywhere in the old our fathers get old I mean very old they live up to 130 years unlike now that the White have brought us Christianity and took away what our forefathers believe in that give them long life and prosperity but the good news now is that the great temple of Shakura Occult Temple still have the powers inherited by our forefathers so check your life now the life you are living now and the life your forefathers live which do you think is more better the life of hunger starvation untimely death too many bad things happening now just because we have forgotten where we are from we are not saying you should not a Christian and go to church we are simply saying that you should be wise enough to change your story from that poor family everybody laugh at too a welding family where people will come too ask for help, are you not tried of begging for food don't you think your children deserve the best things in life. You can accomplish all your heart desire with the powers we have , are already rich and you want to protect your self and your money come to us are you having one problem or the other Shakura Occult powers is what you need

A man can only be known as a man when when he starts going what men are going. Men that are men only let there action speak for them and that action is been played by money there are things you should know that only money can do for you if not everything money opens all doors for you to come that have not experience the power of money you are missing out. There is no more excuse for you now to remain poor tell poverty bye bye for poverty is not a good thing if you are born into a poor family break the yoke now by joining us today and become the first billionaire in your family make your family proud of you we wise enough to make the right decision making money or become rich it all depends on how wise and smart you are they say how far a man sees is how far he knows for you to be truly great you have to be prepared to you have to be strong for only a brave heart can understand the spirit of money. You will agree with me that you can't have what you don't know. So if you can be able to make up your mind today make that decision. A decision to make wealth and live a good life. Come to us today let us teach you about money and how to make it and also about our powers and how to use it to protect your house hold like I use to say making money is one and being able to protect your self and your money is another one here in Shakura Occult Temple we make your business our business we are one big family that help one another one so are you a politician are you a pastor are you a business man who ever you may be and you have decided that you need a family. A family to care for you and protect you from all your enemies. So far as you are reading this now your search is over. Join us here at Shakura secret occult temple. And let the Shakura god of wealth start changing your life. Stop your worry now for you have found your solution. Contact us now with our mobile number talk with our great grand master let him show you the way to your progress a word is enough for the wise

Everybody is welcome to join The Great Shakura Secret Occult Temple we open our hands to welcome both man and woman into this great family but you most be at least up to the age of 18 and we most have a business experience for we are not the kind of occult that will ask you to go home and start sleeping that money will fill your room by the time you wake up or tell you to open your wardrobe in the morning money will fill ever where all that kind of ritual requires human blood sacrifice to perform which I think is for very lazy men here in Shakura Secret Occult Temple we do not do such we only establish you in any business of your choice and with the ancient powers of the old we will make your prosper in anything you torch no more failure in business no more failure in life no more backwardness all ever miss Fortune will be taken out of your life so that you can Excel in everything that you do. Where other go and fail you will go and succeed all this is just a little of the kind of things we do. If after hearing all this today and you are still dying in poverty then you will be the worst fool ever. Riches are made with a lot of sacrifice. What sacrifice have you made that you want to be rich. If you have. are you sure you did it the right way and with the right people. Am not saying it to boast about Shakura Occult but here is the place for everyone to be if you are really smart then make a smart move now. Show your family and friends, people around you that good things can still come from you. Ask you make your bed now is how you will enjoy it during the night . If you are one of the wise people am talking about and you wish to know more about how to join this great family for riches, protection, success, firm, powers and more without no human killings contact our Lord spiritual the Grand Master of Shakura Occult Temple for more information.

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Phone number.....+234816446 8154

Mobile number......+23480966 20081

Email address.... [email protected] com
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