Princess Tyra is a 2018 Nigerian film based on the character Prince – Van Vicker, Ashley / Mefie – Jackie Appiah. The film is directed by Frank Raja and Emma Ayalogu from a screenplay by Phil Bernard and Rogger Quartey, and stars Yvonne Nelson as Princess Tyra, alongside Prince – Van Vicker, Ashley / Mefie – Jackie Appiah, Queen Elizabeth – Oge Okoyes. In the movie, Princess Tyra returns home but finds his fiancé’s heart been set sights on her maid Mefie who is left with no choice but to fight for the cause of love. Unknown to Mefie she has a twin sister, and In two shakes of a lamb's tail Mefie got pregnant by the Prince and like a fantasy the prince never knew he is dating two sisters at a time, right at the hospital they found out the truth about their real identity. And Princess Tyra had to relent by accepting her fate.
Movie Type: Nigerian movie
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