Out Of Fury 1

This is an emotional movie that will not only make you feel the images and the people; but will also make you feel their emotions, circumstance and atmosphere. Elizabeth (Ebele Okaro Onyiuke) is a wife and a mother with a very questionable character. She bears the mark of wickedness and hatred which has constantly become the source of unhappiness to every member of her family especially her husband whom she despises so much. As events unravel, a horrible truth buried by her many years ago was eventually dug out which further shattered the lives of her husband and children and forever complicated their lives beyond recovery. Of a truth, some family roots should better stay buried deep inside the earth.

Nollywood Movies starring: Vitalis Ndubuisi, Samuel Obiago, Ebele Okaro Onyiuke, Rex Nosa, Steph Ekwu, and Urenwa Juliet Adolphus.
Movie Type: Nigerian movie
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