Olewu (IGI OYIN)

Olewu (IGI OYIN) This is a free film to watch...People have been waiting for this film to come online and here its is brought to by OKIN PARTNERS. Oyinloa is a woman full of venom but appears harmless as she rides the crest of her rollicking success. Michael Adigun is embroiled in adulterous liaison from London to Lagos aided by his close friend Hassan. Heads are bound to roll as everyone raps the fruits of their various actions. Full of suspense, intrigue from a cast of classy actors and actresses, IGI OYIN will have you sitting at the edge of your seat. Cast:- Ebun Oloyede, Moji Olaiya, Yinka Smart Babalola, Bukky Amos and many more.... Please subscribe to our channel
Movie Type: Yoruba movie
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