Emeka ike is a villager,he owns a shop in the village,he is in love with a beautiful village girl,he gives the girl and her family things,the girl's family know him,they cherished their love,her father becomes very sick and he show concern,is like a love to give everything for,constantly brings medicine for the man,at the point of death,he(the girl's father) told his wife and family that he(Emeka ike) will marry his daughter since his daughter accepted him(emeka) and the man later died,There was a big festival the town annually celebrates and during this festival the rich and mighty always come back home,during the festival,A rich man(kanayo.o.kanayo) came back home for the festival,while on the town for the festival,he saw the girl and decided to marry her,The man being very rich was accepted by the girl's mother(patience ozorkwor..Mama G),she never wanted to see him(Emeka ike) around her daughter again,This is were the story started,The rich man gives the girl's mother money in bundles,how can a man without money compete with the rich in the battle of love... Starring-Patience Ozokwor(Mama G),Emeka Ike,Kanayo.O.Kanayo,Mary Okolo.
Movie Type: Nigerian movie
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