Steve is a nice guy, and a secret admirer of Maureen. He has been biding his time, carefully mapping out a workable strategy on how to win over Maureen's heart. While he is on the dreamland, wrapping his hands around Maureen, Nelson, on the contrary have a way with women. He knows what to say to tickle a woman's fancy, and he knows the exact time to say them. He works his way to Maureen's heart with gifts, taking her out on dream date that leaves her breathless. Before long Maureen is head over heels in love with Nelson, but will the womanizing nature of Nelson hold this relationship together, or will Steve make a comeback and pull off coup of the year?

A 2018 Nigerian Movies Latest African Nollywood Full English Movies. Starring; EMEKA IKE, GENEVIEVE NNAJI, ANDY CHUKWU
Movie Type: Nigerian movie
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