She continued with her endeavors to the point that the man's son(Browny igboeze) found out his father is capable of doing for money,his son trail every moves they made(His father),he wanted to know more to the point that he found out that his father is using a girl to achieve all the things he does,he confronted the girl(mercy johnson),letting her know that he know everything they do,it went on to the point that,there was this big contract that what hundreds of millions of naira that they needed to secure but there was another company own by a young man(Yul Edochie),who wanted the same contract as desperate as their company,this was where the fight for the contract starts,A lot begins to happen... Starring-Yul Edochie,Mercy Johnson,Chika ike,Justus esiri,Browny Igboeze
Movie Type: Nigerian movie
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