It is better to have an enemy who honestly says they hate you than to have a brother who secretly craves for your downfall. Driven by passion and zeal to make a living and end the abject poverty which has eaten deep into him and his brother, Lotanna (Stephen Odimgbe) travels out of the country in search of a better life. A travel that is tied around fate, hope and many uncertainties. Incidentally, luck smiles on him and fortune begins to find its way into the family and at the same time; unexpected series begins to unfold, setting the whole family at odds. This is indeed a spectacular movie that will keep you at the edge till the end.

STARRING: Yul Edochie, Uju Okoli, Stephen Odimgbe, Nkechi Nnaji, Desmond Walter, Ngozi Evuka, Joseph Daniels, Prudent Ebisike, Frank Tana.
Movie Type: Nigerian movie
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