3 Skills that Students Can DevelopPlaying Computer Games


We all want to be smarter than we are at the moment. Researchers have discovered that intelligence is one of the most desirable qualities a person can have in the 21st century. While most parents and guardians are discouraged to allow their children to play computer games, they have proven to have lots of benefits that can brighten the child’s future. 

Playing computer games is not a bad thing as long as it’s done in moderation. Plus, it’s one of the best activities for students to indulge in during their leisure time. Today, we are going to discuss the three most important skills students can develop by playing computer games. Let’s get started
  1. Problem-solving skills

    Life is a series of problems. The only people who succeed are those who can solve problems quickly and effectively. Every organization today wants to have employees who can solve problems. 

    One of the best ways to develop and improve your problem-solving skills is by playing computer games. The harder the game, the faster you’ll improve your skills. Computer games stimulate the mind and encourage critical thinking. In the end, this enhances cognitive flexibility and adaptability.

    People who have a hard time solving complex problems rarely excel in the real world. These are the people who blame, criticize and complain all the time. If you’ve been around such people, you probably understand how frustrating they can be. Such people should play computer games for a couple of minutes every day to improve this skill. As a student, you should start developing and improving this skill as early as you can.

  2. Social Skills

    Let’s face it. No one can make it to the top alone. We all need the cooperation of other people to succeed in our endeavors. In most cases, students who play computer games tend to do it in groups. Playing alone in your apartment cannot be compared to playing together with your friends. By playing together, you can solve complex problems.

    Today, the world people with social skills. Getting along with others is one of the best-paid skills in America today. The quality of your relationships reflect your inner world. The earlier you start developing and improving this skill, the quicker you’ll climb the ladder of success.

    Students who play computer games with their friends tend to get along well with other people. Such students submit their assignments on Edubirdie trusted assignment writing service, attend the same classes and help each other out when facing hardships. In every industry, you’ll have to work together with other people. As the popular saying goes, no man is an island. Do not ever think that you can do everything alone. It’s impossible!

  4. Imagination and creativity

    What separates the successful person from the average person? If we look at these two people, they are similar in most ways. The average person has everything that a successful person has. However, the successful person puts to use his physical and mental faculties while the average person preserves his faculties for later use.

    Imagination and creativity are some of the most powerful tools given to man. Yet, only very few use them. Imagination and creativity keep the mind active and receptive to new original ideas. They boost memory and improve your moods. Students who play computer games are very creative because their minds are always active.  

    Studies show that students who play computer games regularly are less likely to develop dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. After a long day in school, don’t sit there eating junk while watching TV. Invite your friends and play your favorite computer game together.



Computer games have many benefits that can’t be exhausted in this article. However, students should play in moderation. Remember, anything that is done excessively is poison. Playing computer games all the time leads to addiction. How do you know if you are addicted? You cannot live your life without it. 

At times, you’ll dream about playing your favorite computer game. To avoid being addicted, have other alternative activities that you can indulge in during your leisure time. It could be hiking, socializing or working out. By playing computer games in moderation, you’ll easily develop and improve the critical skills listed above. And you’ll be successful.


Joshua Robinson is an experienced content writer and journalist. He loves helping students tap their potential and discover their passions. During his free time, he mentors students and travels around the world.