5 Inspirational Movies That Will Change Students Life

From the time you are born, you begin facing life challenges and the trend can continue the rest of your life. What makes the difference is your ability to face them. The person you become after the challenges are over is a new you. College students face similar challenges and worse, too, due to the demanding education process.

The student may develop negation notions about life or give up. When you are pushed into a corner, motivation can help you rise again and become great. The following five movies will help inspire you to change and reclaim life.

Goodwill Hunting
Goodwill Hunting is an American 1997 movie co-produced by enthusiastic youngsters Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. In the movie, Matt takes the role of Will Hunting, a twenty-year-old content with blue color jobs.
Will has a very high IQ but he is not aware of this unique ability or even what he is capable of doing and achieving. He takes a janitor’s job in a school and works comfortably, yet without focusing on his future.
However, his high-level IQ does not go unnoticed. Gerald, a professor in the school, takes note and observes Will as he works. He does not want this previous gift to go to waste. Gerald commits himself to help Will, who looks misguided and without directions.

The unaware genius is going through a life crisis and is mentally broken. Gerald advises him to see a therapist and he goes to see Sean, a local therapist, for help. The movie is worth watching by every student.

Dead Poets Society
Dead Poets Society is cast in a school setting. The 1989 movie is watched by many students even today. The main character is Robin Williams, who plays the role of John Keating, a teacher who teaches English at the Welton Academy.
There is a serious problem at this academy. The school uses draconian rules to oppress the students and create huge barriers between the teachers, students, and management. Teacher Keating is a lover of poetry and classical literature.
He uses the two to help the students break away from the oppressive barriers. Using poems and classical literature, he deeply inspires his students to seize the day and challenge the rule. To the students, he is a captain. Although the movie is full of emotional scenes, it is worth taking time to watch.

Stand and deliver
Stand and deliver is another movie that will fire you up to take action. Released in 1988 in the USA, the movie focuses on a high school in Los Angeles. The teacher of mathematics, Jamie Escalante, is under pressure from his employer and the students.
He is teaching a class of losers who are likely to drop out of school any time soon. His boss wants him to take control of the classroom. He faces the situation head-on and helps transform the uncontrollable students. By the end of the school year, the students transform so well that many of them pass a very complex exam.

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Freedom writers
Freedom writers are acted from a true story where Enn Gradwell, a teacher in a certain school, helps a group of students that were faced with the danger of negative ethnicity. They display hatred against each other and the level of animosity is quickly plunging them into a serious crisis.
When she first joins this school, she is met by many disrespectful students who behave like bullies. The true story shows how the teacher began inspiring the class to tolerate one another, show respect and focus on their study. The ending is better than the beginning. The students agree to change and study seriously beyond high school.

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The Theory of Everything
The Theory of Everything was released in 2014 in the UK. The movie can deeply inspire students, specifically those majoring in sciences.
Professor Stephen Hawking, the role played by Eddie Redmayne, defies the laws of science and physical points of view to achieve anything he wants in life. This inspirational move teaches students that all things are possible with a willing heart and mind. The stories are based on real events and the stage is set in Cambridge University.

Life can turn negatively against you and leave you in a whirling wilderness. With the right motivation, you can gather yourself from the desert and set yourself on a high place of healing. Motivation can come from many resources like people, books, media, and movies. When selecting motivational movies, you should check the title and theme of the movie. Most motivational movies have their storylines revolving around a real-life experience. They can help you not to give up in life amid the turmoil.

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