10 Films about Writers to Boost Your Creative Writing

 The mind can get weary of creativity sometimes and having some inspiration can help you rejuvenate and come back to write better and interesting stories. Films are the best fascinating way to get you creative because you will get to experience what the actors go through.

Writers often go through many struggles before getting down on paper and learning that they were able to succeed in the end is very motivating. Here are some films about writers that will boost your creativity in writing.

Midnight in Paris

At times, you will face opposition as you write like Gill Pender, whose fiancée was not supportive of his work. But he gets fascinated by the city of Paris, which takes him back in time to meet some of the greatest writers. They inspire him to write his debut novel while on vacation.

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Shakespeare in Love

Seeking help as you write is very common and William Shakespeare is not an exception. He finds Viola, a talented muse, fit for the job and her love for theater amazed him amid the struggle of writing. They fell in love but it ended in tragedy as he struggled to write and fight for his love.


Greed in the modern world is a common factor and Donald Kaufman decided to let you know of its repercussions. Inspired by Orlean’s book, The Orchid Thief, about Laroche who is cunning enough to clone rare orchids and sell them to collectors. The screenwriter emulates the struggle that writers have to face to meet sales over integrity.


You might decide to shift genres like Paul Sheldon who wanted to drop romance novels and write about some serious novels. His life experiences a complete turnover when he gets involved in a car accident and gets rescued by his psychotic fan. His days as her prisoner lead him to see how he was of great impact to his audience.

Dead Poets Society

Your pieces of work are of great impact to your fans and they might inspire them to write. A progressive English teacher in an exclusive private school motivates his students to write through his poetical teachings. John Keating keeps way from the norms of teaching and uses creativity to inspire his students.

Sunset Boulevard

Being a renowned writer is a process that needs you to have the right talent and get the right motivation. But Norma Desmond’s dream of getting back to the industry and becoming the movie star she once was killed by Joe Gillis. He is only in to make himself famous and get money. He fails to guide Desmond on writing her script, which turns out to fail.

Barton Fink

A series of unfortunate events crowd the life of Barton Fink when writing his biggest movie script in Los Angeles. This is among the must-watch movies for students who want to experience the thrill of writing new content not related to their subject of concern.

The Help

You are the voice to the voiceless, like the journalist in the movie, The Help, who tries writing about African-American maids amid the age of rising spikes of racism. He highlights the various ways the maids get mistreated from each of their own accounts each day at work.


Reprise will take you back to the very beginning when your career started. Philip and Erik are best friends harboring literary ambitions but their paths change when Philip’s book gets published but not Erik’s. Philip gets into a mental breakdown but his friend supports him throughout while striving to make his dream come true.

Julie & Julia

Julie & Julia is the perfect screenplay for bloggers and writers whose work is not recognized. Julie never gives up on her blog about Julia Child’s cooking techniques despite her mother being the only one who reads them. Her determination lives on until she gets more fans.


In the path of writing, you get to encounter many difficult situations but you choose to turn out of it either successful or not. The listed films above will help you in writing as you attempt to find inspiration to keep up with the pace. They enlighten you on how to get creative and write the best scripts, novels, blogs, or articles to help you stay ahead of your competitors.

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