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Clement Nwaokenneya

ouuta d boat cos he had to walk on water
Greater London, United Kingdom.

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haters gon hate

15 Jun 08, 09:40 PM, Africa/Lagos

can i pls talk ma shit again
bring me back on....cos its seems these beasts wanna bring me down
wanna see me frown....worst even wanna see me die
but ma vocal cords mad so i give 'em hell
i ring ma bell, they can hate plus i got a stevie belt
i make you bulge......ha...damn homie why is u hatin on me
why is u giving that fake ass gun talk
u no if u wanna, walk wiv me u gotta make it real
gotta be a man nd stop tht childish shit
stop tht scare face shit
u aint scaring me.....oh no dog i cant rip
i cant be real as it be
dan lil kid u gotta stop tht shit
cos if u dreaming of me homie i aint gay
go on negro u can player
cos u no ow it is ur whole life is fake
wanna be a thug niggah u aint got wot it takes
so u got a gun brov....u cant squeeze d 9
u nid ur guys to commit ur crime
i did time for putting a whole dude....3 yrs
so if am gonna exit d earth....i aint scared
if ma tym's out hommie am on tym out
u can come back wen u got strong hands
wen u got d mind hommie hook me at ma block
is u brave homs dont act so brave
u neva know who gon piss on ur grave
cos i aint gon talk tht shit wiv u u no am grown
23 long hard years who wuld av known
am not mad if u wanna hate....negro so fuck u
and fuck
sorry for


war lord

12 Jun 08, 05:49 PM, Africa/Lagos

hold up.....wait a minute
lemmie talk ma shit b4 u start them mimics
b4 fake ass dudes starts to gimmic
i wanna explode on all who hate it
yall dont know it so why u deny it
if yall do want me thn why yall annoy me
why yall hate me...
ma words originall guess yall just hating
d crazy kid wanna speak directly
am on d stage bitch turn up ma symphony
take ma gabbage out
get tht corpse out
am back frm d cell cos i had it in me to make tht bail
so i took dat sail
outta ma home hommies am neva goin back
crazy things i did stay trapped in ma past
i had to hit him last
had to make tht blast
had to squeeze ma 9 or it wuld b me blood on d ground
i aint gonna justify ma act
but belive wot i did i did for ma fam
did 4 ma life, ma kids nd ma wife
i'll do it again if nothings eva changed
d war words is d triggar
gimmie beef hommie i think am fuckin egar
think am sumtin sicker
dont dump on me or u'll be a deceased niggah



11 Jun 08, 12:27 PM, Africa/Lagos

yh babes tht 1 came straight frm ma heart.......its a tribute to all d beggers back wishin wen i return it may be better u no.....


Save a Soul

9 Jun 08, 09:52 AM, Africa/Lagos

people is poor beggin for help
when the storm is ova they dying for health
we still stay smiling cos we got the wealth
but when our days is ova it all starts to melt
wot wuld u do; if u culd walk in his shoes
wiv no amount of money to pay 4 a food
now u on d street; seekin refuge
stoppin cars nd eating off d roots
gettin cold; cos u sleep on d road
every second d clock ticks u wish they culd see
ex-frnds laffin cos they aint you
stupid politians lying they see u
wasn't ur fault; mamma raised no fool
wiv no father figure; cursed ur childhood
the world spins twice cos u aint living
lukin dead maye u aint eatin
wuldnt feel worse if u aint breathin
i fee d pains of refugees seekin
thts why i drop sum chedda when he comes knockin
if i culd change d world; i'll start healin
the beggars, orphans and the lost souls
imagine the happiness am gonna bring
knowin ma lyrics helped save a soul
i'll do this all over till you touch a soul................. .............

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