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Live ur lyf 2day lyk its ur last.....and also learn 2 keep ur loved ones close cos dey wont live twice....

Once upon a tym in my lyf i lost touch wit my soul i had no where 2 turn 2. I had no where 2 go 2. I lost sight of my dream. Thought it will be da end of my dream. I thought i'd neva make it 2ru. I had no hope 2 hold on 2. I thought i would break down. I DIDNT KNOW MY OWN STRENGTH........... And i crashed down n tumbled, bt did not crumble. I got 2ru all da pain. I DIDNT KNOW MY OWN STRENGTH........... I survived my darkest hour. My faith kept me alive. I picked my self up n held my head up high. I NEVA KNEW MY OWN STRENGTH...........I'm too gbaski 4 u 2 underestimate me. Some pple say i'm too proud, sum say i'm too big headed, sum say i'm a bad child bt i'll say i'm da way God made me. 2 know more abt me jst add me as ur friend, bt i can give u little abt myself. I'm loving, caring, physically fit, tough, hard working, strong, jst 2 add a few. Bt dere are more 2 it if u get 2 know mua........... TO BE CONTINUED........... OTHERS ARE:About me in case we don't chat much... AGE: still young MY HOBBIES: removing tiger's tooth, catching bullet n grenades 4 my gurls wit bare hands,. Den Jogging up n down mount everest.... MY RECORD: fought with an elephant and broke its neck...skinned a crocodile...alive! played russian roulette with full clips n still survived, killed Superman, held my breathe under water 4 2months, 3weeks, 6hrs, 51mins, 45seconds, GREATEST ACHIEVEMENTS: surfed on hot lava while d volcano was still erupting, Outran a cheetah, fluent in 10,598 languages, 1st African to land on the sun, Carried the pyramid of giza for 2days straight! SILLY THINGS DONE: Surfing on a tsunami. EMBARRASSING MOMENT: couldn't kill 100 bears with a single punch only 99 died instantly and the 1 that was left died 2hrs later. PROUDEST MOMENT: when a cobra died after biting me, When I saved the planet by diverting an asteroid with just a kick. I might not be sum1's first choic bt i'm a gr8 choice. I may not be rich bt i'm valuable. I dont pretend 2 be sum1 i'm not bcos i'm good @ being me. I might not be proud of sum of da things i've done in da past, bt i'm proud of who i'm 2day. I may not be perfect bt i dont need 2 be. Take me as i'm or watch as i walk away

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