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Taiwo Kuforiji

there are times i just wish i could reverse the hands of time, while at other times i wish i could simply speed it up very fast. such as i feel right now.
Lagos, Nigeria.

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Life Is A Game, Play Ur Part And Play it Well.

Yea, this is my bunk, and here's what i have to say. I am a young[at heart], black[and proud] and alwayz happy[go lucky] African Pal. I am tall, slim, warm, cheerful, caring, thoughtful, romantic, intelligent, liberal, outspoken but reserved, single and open. I live right in the heart of the African continent, and love her ways. My country Nigeria is so strategic to the entire African dream and is positioning to take the world by storm in 2020. So, I've got no time for racial discrimination, socio-economic, cultural, religious and other kind of prejudices. My mind is blank, and is opened to you, as a virgin canvass before an artist in his studios, for you to impress or paint on it the idea or picture of who you want me to see when i look into your eyez. With me there's no Jews or Gentiles; colors or races. I only see a Humanrace. So I don't relate with you based on where you come from, or what color pigment your skin has, or the language you speak, or the God or gods you worship or do not worship, because these are insignifant to my world. Just believe in God [The Almigty Creator]. I would rather deal with you based upon the content or your attitude, character and personality and how you percieve and recieve me. So try not to decieve me. Because, since Barak Obama, I have since become an Obamanist, because I'm now Obamanistically certain that the future is even brighter. Obamanism, is the phenomenon personified by Barak Hussein. Do not envy me for being an Obamanist. Rather, talk to me about Obamanism, all you who are Obamaniac at heart. Never have I being more proud of being what i am than now. YOU ARE WELCOME! "E KAA BO!"

Ethnicity? African
Body Type? Slim
Height? 6'02
Hair Color? Black
Eye Color? Black
Body Art? No

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whats up

16 Oct 10, 10:02 PM, Africa/Lagos

here in Aruba it's hot hottttttttttttttttttt tttttttttttt



13 Jul 10, 05:59 PM, Africa/Lagos

sorry i 4 not been thr... just pray 4 mi... ooh



17 Jun 10, 03:11 PM, Africa/Lagos

what message, i get up in so many pip's biznez i 4get who is who.


Could' nt

14 Oct 09, 06:32 AM, Africa/Lagos

help myself, i had to size you up, lol.

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