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My Happiness

6 Jan 12, 04:23 AM, Africa/Lagos

All this while, I have been looking for happiness. What is happiness any ways? What makes one happy? And why do I need happiness so dearly? Can I be happy without others?

To my little understanding, happiness is an emotional state of enjoyment of what I so well desire. Happiness is biological, psychological, philosophical, and religious. So If I have happiness through these concepts, I am fulfilled, I have what I want and will be joyful, jubilant, proud, delighted, pleased, glad. To me, my happiness does not mean that others have to be used, abused, and maltreated. My happiness should not be the results of ripping others from their rights, their life, dignity, possession etc. I am happy when I can see harmony between my life and my experiences; my experiences involve my life, my life style, and others. I cannot experience life without others and this does not mean that I am absolutely expecting others to make me happy. My happiness with others depends on how I personally perceive others; how I understand and manage with the un-understandable facts, how I take things that are happening between and others and between others and others, how resilient I am and lastly how consistent I am in my management with others. If in my every day’s life, I am jumpy or have sudden variations in my behavior, in humor, in my life style trying anyhow to adjust to things, then, you see, may not result to any happiness. Therefore, others should not expect too much from me to be happy, because I might never be able to please them to the fullness. This morning, Joyce Meyer, in her daily preaching was talking about “Faith and confidence” said that we should give ourselves some time. Get a break to take care of ourselves. She thinks that we should not spend all our time thinking about others for what do to for them while they don’t even care about our happiness. She recommends that we give ourselves some time to spend more time with God meditating and coincidentally DR. Creflo
Dollar, still on the same themes of Faith and Confident said that we should read the words of the Lord, key to our confident and faith and that we should meditate until we hear a word from the spirit of the Lord. I am taking these two public figures as example because of their faith and confidence in God the Almighty; from who they got I will say here with confidence that they have everything they need. That, they are very happy with who they are and what they do. Who can believe that Joyce Meyer will be 70 in 2 years? She does not look like that. On his side Dr. Creflo Dollar who was called to help a sick girl make her final wish, rather accepted the invitation in other to bring to the girl God’s grace of healing.

Moreover, if God in has given us the key to His Kingdom, and authority and power over every uncleaned spirits. That we may use the key to lock up sickness and disease, hurt, witchcraft, poverty, death, destruction, confusion, defeat, and discouragement from our life, that means that you and I can be happy by the words of the Lord. We then have to read the bible. Now I believe that if I put myself in the hands of God, believe in Him, have confidence and faith all my biological, psychological, philosophical, and religious needs to fulfill my happiness will be granted.

My happiness depends on how I choose to live my life. Away from the words of the Lord, then I have no existence and little will I be happiness. I should learn to buy myself a flower to make me happy not the other way around. Remain Blessed

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