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My first name is Jackie, but i mostly go by Kristie or Kristal. I was born in the united states but i've lived in Canada all my life. Any questions, just ask


School Level Location Years
McGill University
Higher Education Canada 2004-2008

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1 Jan 11, 11:32 AM, Africa/Lagos

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Well sobre yo diria q soy una mujer muy Sincera me gusta hacer lo que quiero . Aunque por los momentos estoy en paz conmigo misma y trato de relajarme mas llevar las cosas mas despacio.Y disfrutar la vida mas!/style

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ooh wat a beauty

8 Oct 09, 07:56 PM, Africa/Lagos

u are such an angelic creature,God must have spent more time creating u,just wish to know u more and u wil neva regret coming across some one like me in life,pls lets hook up


hi dear

15 Jun 09, 04:03 AM, Africa/Lagos



hi jackie.

17 May 09, 05:47 PM, Africa/Lagos

i just like that your name cos my name is jack n some people cll me jackie.



8 May 09, 09:56 AM, Africa/Lagos

sup baby gurl...can see u are really hot and digging it big...whats good?



21 Jan 09, 09:57 AM, Africa/Lagos

Wats up girl?Jst wnt us 2 b pals..U really have a nice pic on ur profile..



11 Dec 08, 10:32 PM, Africa/Lagos

Beauty could be rude... doesnt know when to show off

Ur's is been rude to me



10 Dec 08, 03:42 PM, Africa/Lagos

hello lovely friend how are you doing today hope fine,i joined this site hoping to fine someone i can relate to and fine a mate,would you be interested in getting to know me more,look at my profile and let me know if you would be interested,if you want you can leave your yahoo ID we can talk better,let me know what;s good for you,hope to talk with you real soon,lovely day from stanley kisess to u do not mad at me pls my greetings to ur family GOD bless,, you



6 Nov 08, 01:45 PM, Africa/Lagos

very hoooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooo oooot



6 Nov 08, 12:55 PM, Africa/Lagos

vwey cute

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