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If u have a authority that authority is to build
Abuja , Nigeria.

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3 Feb 20, 03:12 PM, Africa/Lagos

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4 May 19, 10:48 PM, Africa/Lagos

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27 May 15, 02:03 AM, Africa/Lagos

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13 May 15, 09:13 AM, Africa/Lagos

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13 May 15, 08:40 AM, Africa/Lagos

10 Tips for Building Trust One day last january, i watched as eight inches of snow piled up one morning.My neighbor, gene proceeds to go out and shovel his driveway.It must taken him an hour of back breaking work.My neighbor, gene proceeds to go out and shovel his driveway.It must taken him an hour of back breaking work.Then surprisingly, i watch him as he walks to my yard and shovel my driveway NAIJAPALS/ it took him over an hour! Now, if gene ever needs a from me, he has it yes?Although he didn do it for this reason, by selflessly giving to others, you sort of create an invisible account if you never give of yourself or your time or money, don expect much of the same in return. Practice doing something for someone else everyday for no apparent(Ulterior motive)Reason, and watch your trust build it could be as simple as a handwritten thank you note.Ever see the movie, it forward?If not, go rent it and watch it for a good example of this tip and principle. You can feel a sense of benevolence in many ways, some of which include: Othey consistently put your interests ahead of their own. Othey ensure that in any conflict, you feel as if you came out better than they did, even if NAIJAPALS/ they had to lose something in order to reach a consensus. Othey under promise and over deliver NAIJAPALS consistently, and never the other way around. Othey have a attitude it is clear that they are there to serve others, and if you needed someone at a crucial time, you could count on them.They consistently give of themselves and their talents. The research on the topic of trust is clear it is a by product of three primary attributes or characteristics of behavior: O believe that you do what you say you do.Sense of benevolence Tip 2:Become more competent every day. Think about this:You either and growing as a person, or and rotting.Embrace lifelong learning.Realize that besides your faith, the biggest contributor to an increased sense of hope is continuing education, seminars, books, etc.Congratulations!T he fact that you reading this says that you occasionally practice the principle, yet allocate more time and money to your development.In other words, a decision you to either carry out the decision and move forward, or leave it behind and move forward.You have to trust yourself, once you done the research, to make a decision.Like nike says, do it. Procrastination kills countless great ideas.The achievers of this world treat not as failures, but as learning lessons.Like mike litman also says, get it perfectly right, just NAIJAPALS/ get it going!Be willing to trust your gut, guys or your intuition, ladies more than you do today. Remember when you mother or father would say something that you shouldn do, and then do it themselves?A lack of congruence a match between what you say and do is critically important to building and maintaining trust.Consistency breeds trust.Be very slow and careful about what you promise.Under promise and you over deliver and build trust.Rather see a sermon than hear one any day.5:Be transparent be authentic and genuine, with no it or not, we all tend to wear a sort of or fa depending on the situation and people we find ourselves.In my experience, those people who are most transparent about their true intent tend to be trusted the most.They don play games; They don behave differently in one situation or another.They are also open to being vulnerable, sharing their emotions, deepest thoughts or important life wisdom. Tip 6:Have unquestionable integrity. This is a huge problem in the world today.I have someone at least once a week tell me a story of how they can find honorable, trustworthy employees to hire.We live in a morally corrupt world.You may not agree with me, but in my and others' opinions, there is a war going on between good and evil.You want greater trust with people?Great, then if you violate a sense of ethics or morality, your boat is sunk.You have to be trusted at your word, period. If you say, charlie i know and follow this one already, then consider this:I graduated from west point, the us military academy and served in the us army.West point honor code reads, will not lie, cheat or steal nor tolerate those who do.So, let say you observe your work buddy lifting a few boxes of cd disks from the office supply room do you turn your back, or question him(And/or report him? )It about doing the right than the easier wrong.If you don stand for something, you fall for everything. I truly believe that god laws the 10 commandments if you christian, the quran if you muslim are like to the lips!Why?The next time you driving down a 2 lane highway, realize that you passing the approaching vehicle with no more than 7 8 feet between you.If no one followed the simple traffic laws, you be an auto fatality long ago.Folks, if you think you somehow special or unique separate from everyone else, then you won choose to follow simple rules handed down thousands of years ago, and won be trusted. Tip 7:Create light by over communicating. True trust building leaders communicate often and well so that people feel on things.Don you like to feel like you on things, and rarely feel as if you been left in the dark?Think of leaders that you enjoyed working with in the past didn they constantly worked to make sure you felt in the loop, had seldom surprises because they saw communication as light in a dark room. When you ask a child to do something, often they ask the simple question, adults are no different(We all just grown up kids)And they want to understand the reasons it should be done, or why in that manner.Don forget this simple rule:In email for example, your intent can be misunderstood.So, state your intent at the beginning or the end of the email(Or verbal message)So that intent is never misunderstood. Tip 8:Be emotionally intelligent.Do you take full responsibility for everything that happens to you?And then remember what charles swindoll NAIJAPALS/ said, of success in life is what happens to you; 90% is what you DO with what happens to you.When they don know something or better, surrounding themselves with very competent people in the areas that the leader is marginal or not an expert


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7 May 15, 06:53 AM, Africa/Lagos

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