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jaounde, Cameroon.

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Looking for SERIOUS friends I'm just a dreamer I am complicated

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How r u doing Bae

17 Mar 16, 03:00 PM, Africa/Lagos

Just checking on you Bae



11 Apr 15, 10:04 AM, Africa/Lagos




5 Apr 15, 03:17 PM, Africa/Lagos

how are u doing today



4 Nov 14, 08:57 AM, Africa/Lagos



Spiritual Helps

8 Aug 14, 09:57 PM, Africa/Lagos

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2 Aug 14, 01:18 PM, Africa/Lagos

Whats are you doing?



24 Jul 14, 10:10 AM, Africa/Lagos

how are u



23 Jul 14, 08:36 PM, Africa/Lagos

how are u



22 Jun 14, 10:09 PM, Africa/Lagos




5 May 14, 11:06 PM, Africa/Lagos

whats up

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