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well just a simple guy.. love making people laugh !!..it makes me feel happy when i see smiling faces ..it can be busy at times but i Finally found my Queen..She defines Love to me in so many diffrent ways ...in her eyes i have found the colours of love...She walked into my life a stranger months ago and my life hasn't been the same since. She is TRULY my gift from a higher power. LOVE is such a miniscule word for what we share. she is SO amazing. she appeared when I was at such a low point in my existence..A time when I thought that the physical and emotional pain brought on by another would never end and would wear away at every fiber of my being until it consumed me and I was no more. During the moments I tried to turn away for fear of the unknown, she planted Her heels and looked deep in my soul and stayed...I am eternally indebted to her. Without her... I would not be. she has become a beacon to me. Whenever I feel as though I've drifted too far into the disparity that clouds my life, I can look up to find her guiding me to safety. I stay here not because this place is home... but because in her arms i can call home.Most people will spend their entire lives searching for a perfection that almost never exists. Most people will spend their days looking at each person they encountered with question as to whether or not they have found a reason, a season or a lifetime.. I give my life to Her: mind, body and soul. I will Her to hold me for the rest of my life as she does each and every day and night.

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What' s giddy baba?

4 Dec 11, 05:33 PM, Africa/Lagos

U saw my text? On ur birthday abi u delet am? Lol happy Sunday dear


u cant belive this ooo

26 Apr 11, 03:51 AM, Africa/Lagos

i and nike where just talking about u this afternoon say yinka just waka like that no show no hello and here u are leaving comment on my wall. ( I BELIVE THAT SHIT YORUBAS DEY SAY " OGIRI GBOROH" ( walls do hear words) lol) but its all good hearing from u sha about the number dont worry i got ur number i know how to block u lol


whats giddy bros

10 Mar 11, 05:29 AM, Africa/Lagos

how is ur end? watin make u dey run from me bro yinka? i offend u ? lol


bros na wa ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

13 Jan 11, 01:03 AM, Africa/Lagos

u just forget tope likbe that ko da oooooo agbaya lol how u dey oooooooo



27 Feb 10, 08:39 AM, Africa/Lagos

hmmmmmmmmmmmmm u beta start running cous am coming with fire oooooooo lol peeping without comment ko da now abi e moo?hmmmm how u dey ojare? father d father lol



1 Jan 10, 05:43 PM, Africa/Lagos




31 Oct 09, 10:52 PM, Africa/Lagos

Happy Birthday, where's my cake?


father happy brithday ooooooooooooooooooooo

31 Oct 09, 10:21 PM, Africa/Lagos

long live and prosperity



4 Oct 09, 06:59 PM, Africa/Lagos

i cant believe dis Yinka,u don 4get me kpata kpata,oga o,anyways how life,how fins


father lol

1 Oct 09, 02:23 AM, Africa/Lagos

happy indenpendence day oooooooooo. and remember say na green and white ooooooo. and get the beers ready toooooo cous this time around i go follow u drink am lol. how u dey ojare?how u dey celebrate am for ur area? e ja mi si

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