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My name is Adeola, i live in Nigeria. Am dark in complexion, 5'11 tall and am a student and i also work as a computer operator.. I am very sincere in actions and words. excellent at listening to the concerns and ideas of others. work hard at making sure that other people are happy. dependable and caring. good at helping others to reach their goals. very supportive of other people. good at "troubleshooting" potential problems in a relationship. very loyal to friends and family. I tend to dislike sudden or abrupt changes. I prefer things the way they are. My motto might be: "If it's not broken, don't fix it." traditionalist, and will enjoy the social environment best if it is stable and predictable. I dislike sudden decisions about where to go or what to do, preferring to think things out first. good friend and always willing to help those I consider to be friends. I also show strong ties, and will be uncomfortable when separated from my friends for an extended period. show self-control in most things I do; I am not an extremist. Others may see me as stable, mature and steadfast. loyal to others. My loyalty shows in a variety of ways including my "staying power" with relationships and activities. I am sincere, a good listener, not pushy and overall a comfortable person to be near. prefer the stable and traditional activities. good listener. Others may seek me out to share a thought or concern because of my empathic listening style. less talkative than some others, but people will generally know how I am feeling by observing many nonverbal cues. Others will notice that I am a sincere person about what I say and do. This trait, along with the excellent listening skills, creates an individual whom most people find pleasant to be with and a calming type of person. u can email is [email protected] ... so that we can chat. More about the type of woman am looking for...... She enjoys doing things well and takes pride in what he does. doesn't like to leave things half-done. has a very good sense of right and wrong, and almost always tries to be the best woman she can. She likes to keep abreast of what's happening in the world. She almost always manages to be open-minded and flexible. happy with her life. good at communicating her thoughts and feelings. She believes that working to make the world a better place is a "hands on" activity. Being passive or failing to do her part is unacceptable to her. Family ties are important to her. She will be able to share my core spiritual beliefs. a woman who truly enjoys communicating. She is the kind of woman who talks with ease and rarely runs out of topics that she finds interesting to discuss. She will be open in expressing her thoughts and observation, and will most enjoy if I do the same. Friends describe her as someone who enjoys things like group projects at work, talking on the telephone or leisurely conversations over a cup of coffee. be there for my mate in both good times and bad. She'll generally put my feelings first and enjoy listening to me, whether there is something he can do to help or you just need a sounding board for the challenges in my life. Others see her as the kind of woman who'd drop everything to help a friend sort out a problem or celebrate a success. Her friends and family think of her as being extremely thoughtful and caring. care for others. Her friends see her as someone who knows she's not perfect, but who makes a sincere effort for the important people in her life. He can show great kindness for others on occasion, but is by no means a saint. She will appreciate my compassionate side, but will also understand and empathize with my feeling that there are times when my personal needs and in life may overshadow concern for other people. She will understand when I desire some privacy on occasion. She is honest and reliable. She has a good understanding of what it takes to make a relationship work over the long haul. She wants to build a relationship that will last, but doesn't need me for constant support. She shares my desire for stability and longevity. Friends describe her as the kind of woman who wants to make her partner feel cared for and safe. She's the kind of woman who thinks resolving conflict is important, but making peace isn't worth sacrificing her beliefs. If she thinks she's right, she will probably argue her position, even if it means a disagreement is going to get more heated before it gets resolved. She likes to win but doesn't need to do so at all costs. She is competitive and aggressive when the situation warrants it - such as when vying for a promotion at work or playing football with friends - but generally accepts a loss with grace. She shares my belief that not everything's a contest, even though it's sometimes fun to pit myself against others or push myself to perform. She probably prefers using solutions that he knows have worked before or looking to past results when making a decision. Her friends may describe her as someone who is so set in her ways that she sometimes finds it hard to compromise. However, I will appreciate the fact that I will always know exactly where she stands on an issue from day to day, and will always be able to count on her to do exactly what she says she will. Just drop me a note or add me to messeengr Hope to hear from u soon


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School Level Location Years
LSU Lagos State University, Ojo Lagos
Higher Education Lagos 2009-2014
Oke Ira Grammar School, Ogba,
Secondary / High school Lagos State 1995-2001
Progressive Nur/Pry School, Oke-ira, Ogba, Ikeja Lagos
Primary Lagos 1989-1994

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