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24 Sep 09, 09:13 PM, Africa/Lagos

nice hearin 4rm u.wel,ma fam is ok


love dis song

16 Sep 09, 02:34 AM, Africa/Lagos

i come to ur page just to listen to dis song.


You need to know, that

8 Sep 09, 05:30 AM, Africa/Lagos

Success is not by chance. Although hard work is good,nice you know there are millions of workaholics without anything to show for their hard labour. Daniel was by the river Hiddekel in Daniel 10 with many other fellows, but only him could see God;He was the only one who could see success, greatness, achievement, upliftment and fulfillment. The first two verses shows us why others couldn't access these blessings-because Daniel consecrated himself but others never did. Do you want to see good things come to pass dear friends? You must consecrate yourself for God. You must choose to be different in this evil world. The God you serve is a holy God, for yo to move with Him and access all His blessings for your life, you have to be holy. Consecrate yourself for God. God bless you


hope you know

2 Sep 09, 10:56 PM, Africa/Lagos

that the biblical prophecies are already coming to pass and we have gotten to the end of the road. Havent you seen all these things happening, highest level of immorality like never before, fake prophets here and there, and to make matters worse, believers are being deceived. The devil knows he has a limited time left coupled with the fact that he cant get to heaven therefore looking for as many as possible that will keep his company in hell. You better hold your salvation and soul tight with all diligence, the moment you loose it, its lost forever. I am begging those of you who can see from within, this was how Noah was shouting they never believed till the flood came, dont allow all these things influence you. Run to the ROCK and hide yourself in it.


Do you know that

30 Aug 09, 06:06 AM, Africa/Lagos

One of the greatest disasters in life is for an individual to be ignorant of where he or she is going, i.e to lack focus. Many youths cant measure up to our parents and what they were able to do because of this but when i came across 1corinthians 2:9-10, it says what eye has not seen, nor ear heard neither entered into the heart of men has God prepared for us-thats the future which we are after but vs 10says, But God has revealed them unto us by His spirit-which means your future should not be hidden from you, you shouldnt be ignorant of it if you can get the Holy Spirit, then by His Spirit you will be led.


A must for You

30 Aug 09, 06:04 AM, Africa/Lagos

Having therefore these promises, dearly beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit...Heb7:1. I know many of us have visions and places we are aiming for, we are all striving for greatness and good success but good you know this-Having therefore these promises-meaning God has perfected all for us but in order to attain them, we have to cleanse ourselves to see those promises come to pass. Do you want to attain those heights and dreams you have, there is no two way about it-you have to walk in the way of the Lord and be set apart for God. Many of us want success but not the God of success-there is no two way about it. Great people are devoted to God except for the ones who got their riches through evil means which will soon perish.Do not allow things of life hinder God's promise for you. No friend came with you and none will go with you.Be holy for i am holy says the Lord.Choose to be holy


All confessions

30 Aug 09, 06:02 AM, Africa/Lagos

For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision availeth anything, nor uncircumcision, but a new creature (Gal 6:15) May be you have been wandering what religion is about, and all these churches here and there and growing sects all over,you have unanswered questions about God and all,i share with you the greatest secret every living being must know.Here Paul tells us its not about being a Jew or Gentile, not about the church you attend or which sect you belong. Its not about how hot your pastor is or how many people you have there in, its about a new life. All God wants from us all is a new life,forsaking the old way of life and carrying a new being.Christianity is about being Christ like not about the tithes and offering you pay-the church will spend it. A new life means if i used to steal before, i should stop;if am used to double dating and fornicating, coming to Christ, i should have a new story. Cheating and anger should be a thing of the past and wear a new life. God is about changing the life of some people here if only they will come to submit to God, after all what has all your struggling and sin over the years produce? Its about a new life. Let the God you serve show in you. I dont do this but am doing because God is set to bless some people here abundantly. Come to a point of total surrender. I Love You



30 Aug 09, 05:40 AM, Africa/Lagos

I have tried them and weighed both ways, you will never know the blessings, greatness, success, joy and peace of mind that lies in Jesus, when you are still in the world. Without Him, its struggling, heart breaks, anxiety, loneliness and worry that feels a man's heart. I want to confess to you have tried and weighed them, being in Jesus is the best. Am confessing so that those who are not in Him can come partake out of the riches i enjoy in Him. I always feel good being with Him more than the love of a lady. Its not too late for you too, give room for Him more than any other person in your life. With Love


Deep Thoughts

30 Aug 09, 05:37 AM, Africa/Lagos

Have you ever thought about this? I don't belong to this world; My citizenship is not here; am not a native of this place. Alright if i acquire all these things am running after, am i taking it anywhere? I want a girl friend, i want a boy friend-will they see me off to heaven? School! school!! school!!!, those who read and have all the certificates 70 years ago,where are they today. I want to be rich and be wealthy, those who had it years ago, did they take it anywhere? someone else spent it. Am beautiful and pretty so i can flaunt, hmm beauty fades away with time.So what's all these struggling, beefing and desires to acquire all about? Did you watch Senator Kennedy's burial? May be God may help you too to achieve all he achieved-but he was carried in a wooden coffin-that's the end of his life. None of his cars or the riches got in with him.Friends life is more than the present, its about eternity. Please seat to evaluate your life so we could rejoice together in heaven forever. With Luv


Have a gud weekend

21 Aug 09, 04:51 PM, Africa/Lagos

point well noted and taken!

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