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The size of your mountain is proportional to the size of your destiny. The bigger the mountain you're confronting, the greater your destiny. Pursue your goals even in the face of difficulties and convert your adversities into opportunities.
Cloud 9, 7th Heaven, Over The Moon ;), Fiji.

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What can I say about myself? Okay, let me give you a hint about me. Friends discribe me as a none tolerated nonsense kind of girl. I guess that's 'cause i dont take shit from no one 'cause i dont give any either. I'm a Diamond in an Ocean of Coal. Cάll Me S.W.Ά.T (Sister With AuthOriTy & TenaCity). I'm Immune To Nonsense. I'm a down to earth person with ambitions to leave my footprint on the sand of time. I like to meet and convers with people, communication and honesty with those key component we can work towards the rest. I don't wait for what I want to come to me, I go after it with all that I am, knowing fully well that life could meet me half way. I'm a GO-GETTER. I'm a Compassionate, GOD Fearing, Considerate, Understanding, Persevered, Prudent, Optimistic, Detailed, Lovely and Caring Person. I dont do whatever will take away from me ''RESPECT'', because feeling good about myself is essential to feeling good about life. I see each day as a life in itself, at sunrise we're born and at sunset we die. Life is indeed a sum of many thousand births and deaths. I have the act to love & be loved due to my passion for moralty and courtesy. I am more than just a pretty face. My remarkable humbleness and free spirit excudes a refreshing disposition to my captivating beauty and striking presence. There's more to everything than meets the eye. I get my priorities right. You Still want to know more about me?? Hola and i'll tell you in due course. PEACE!!!

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Elababy want to share Jesus marriage with Mary Madgalena

11 Apr 20, 09:02 AM, Africa/Lagos

Elababy was talking to us that Jesus was married to Mary Madgalena and that Satan was married too. Her Pastor was telling us if we read the Gospel of Peter, the Gospel of Judas and the Gospel of Mary Madgalena, they all talk about the sex life of Jesus. She said read St John 2 Jesus marriage at Cana.



9 Feb 13, 12:22 AM, Africa/Lagos

How are you doing? Long time. Thanks for stopping by. Take care.



24 Apr 12, 09:35 AM, Africa/Lagos

alot hun.....u r most welcome


thats gud

22 Apr 12, 09:21 AM, Africa/Lagos

2 hear..i didnt get ur bdai wishes to me ooo,i had mine a week today..


happy birthday

13 Apr 12, 07:16 AM, Africa/Lagos

in ariars my dear,hope u had a blast hun?


u r welcome hun

12 Mar 12, 07:33 AM, Africa/Lagos

so how did u spend ur weekend dear?,hope u had fun.........have a pleasant week ahead


holla girlie.

8 Mar 12, 02:33 PM, Africa/Lagos

So you still show up now and then here. hows it going there?


sup hun

8 Mar 12, 01:12 PM, Africa/Lagos

ohh,dats not pleasing 2 hear dat ma sweetie wa sdown wiv cold...i hope u r much berra now,am awesome babe,God is faithful my dear,miss ya hun


thanks dear

17 Feb 12, 02:36 PM, Africa/Lagos

i had a blast on vals day n i trust u did same,miss ya



6 Feb 12, 06:41 AM, Africa/Lagos

alot sweetie.....i appreciate ...where av u been?

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