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3 Dec 11, 02:07 PM, Africa/Lagos

hope ure gud?



10 Oct 11, 12:06 PM, Africa/Lagos

how are you doing today my good friend?


guy how far

3 Oct 11, 05:27 AM, Africa/Lagos

how ur ends hope is kool


Hi my dear

30 Sep 11, 10:25 AM, Africa/Lagos

How are you Mercy and things generally?


You shameless gutter crook and fraudster from Dakar, Senegal claiming to be from NY, USA. You dog!

27 Sep 11, 08:38 PM, Africa/Lagos

My dear brothers and sisters on Naijapals, this girl profile is not real but part of a big scam and serious internet criminals operating 419 frauds from Dakar, Senegal. They have up to a thousand fake profiles of girls in various postures. Young girls that claim to be in need of love or whose dead father left them millions of dollars in a foreign bank but are presently stuck in a refugee camp and need your help. It’s all a big lie.
It is a scam to fleece people. There is a hardened criminal called Okwudili Nnamani who is heading this gang of internet criminals based in Dakar, Senegal and practising internet fraud against older people, usually in their late 30s to 50s.
He’s parading himself as a reverend father Charles Kolo aka Rev. Chris David but all is a scam to make quick money. He pretends to be these girls and will make love advances to you out of the blue. He will send you pictures of young girls as himself. He will also ask you to reply directly to his email address. If you bite the hook, he is going to tell you a very big story and will ask for your financial help with a promise to give a quarter of alleged millions of dollars in the foreign bank. It’s all scam!
He will ask you to phone him through someone’s phone number and that he would love to hear your voice too. When you phone, he will then put one of his whores on the phone to speak with you to convince you that you are dealing with a woman who is madly in love with you. It’s all a scam, a fraud to fleece or rip people off.
Some of his many fake Naijapals internet accounts with various pictures of these girls in various disguises are Mercyann above, others include Orizabel Bemba, faithgal, Baba Abraham aka babay44, Joymkiss, Lindababy50, lovelly123, or Haruni, jenifer4u, lifebaby aka Mary4love or Mary4wilson or Binta200, Baenitababy, Juane11, Ritalloveme, Lovekiss1, anni71, Monica_louis, Rosebless, favour , Babylove120, Sanicababy,Titolove, Nacekiss, Coleprinc, Plove00, saran123, julietab, verajames, veralove211, susan4uu, dorisbaby, babylove120 etc. The list is endless.
Their latest strategy is to create fake accounts with alleged residence being either in Nigeria, UK, or USA or Germany. In fact, they can claim to be anywhere but it is all part of their fraudulent activities to deceive since Dakar, Senegal is becoming notorious as a hot-bed of internet criminals. They have duped or defrauded many Nigerians and English people already. So be warned!

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