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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate,our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us.

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Ur psychosis is ur undoing - freaking fagggot!

7 Dec 11, 02:43 PM, Africa/Lagos

Where is 'london on thames' u fake? What a myopic or blinkered view of history! You started by insulting majority of Nigerians yet had the effrontery to condenm other commentators on this topic for doing the same. By my bulldog's balls, aren't you the dog that ate the bone strapped to it's neck? You speak from both sides of your mouth but had the pertness of a pot calling kettle black! - Do you remember? You really are an odd-ball, a social misfit labouring under schizophrenia, dog. All those insults against majority of Nigerians are for your insane parents, silly jerk.


U ' re a schizophrenic fool right down to ur bastard parents.

7 Dec 11, 05:09 AM, Africa/Lagos

You were conceived by bad blood/sperm and a bad egg from a two-bit harlot, which explains why you could open ur trash of a mouth to insult majority of Nigerians. What follows is a quote in response to your comments, "Aren't you speaking from both sides of your grotty mouth? You started by insulting majority of Nigerians, including your parents and here you are complaining. You are such a silly nitwit jerk. Whatever insult you receive is well earned, old goat. You and your sidekick, ashawo shebayan kebella, can exchange confused English behind us for all I care. It only shows what a pair of idle dogs you are". I agree with him. U 're a rag they pulled out of ur mama's leaking anus. Go fcuk urself, fake.



8 May 11, 11:09 AM, Africa/Lagos

for d add.

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