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Happy New Year Love Mosh

31 Dec 10, 11:07 PM, Africa/Lagos

Happy & Prosperous 2011
All relationships must have a regular audit, like the balancing of a bank account.
When one person is making more withdrawals than they are making deposits that
relationship is bound for bankruptcy.
Without forgiveness the relationship is in debt,
but when God’s wisdom steers the relationship dealing with the spiritual,
physical, mental and emotional, that relationship is in the black.

When women fail in relationships, they start saying "people must not marry"
or "they don't really need a man" or "men are bad" or all men are the same.
Suck it up, take responsibility, fix your life find a good man.
Other women are making it work.

A lot of the favor a female enjoys in life is because of her looks & charm
( the finer the more favors) but the favors she sustains must be with virtue & intelligence.
Beauty may win most favors but only virtue can sustain it.

When you ask a girl out & start to date/ marry her, no matter how old she is,
she becomes your equal & deserves every right & respect you get. Don't call her a small girl.
if you don't like it find your mate. if she's good enough to ask out & sleep with,
she's your mate. RESPECT HER.

The challenge that most men have with a successful woman erupts when her success overshadows the
relationship and excludes him. He needs to know that she still finds him fit to lead in some areas,
even if she excels in others. It is not wise to compete with your mate.
Whenever that happens, no one wins; the partnership...
is devoured by the competition and the marriage is dissolved.♠¥

Most of us spend more time thinking & planning our wedding (a one day event)
than we spend planning the marriage (a lifetime event).
No wonder a lot of marriages don't work.

Right relationships are the multiplication factor of God's Kingdom,
but wrong relationships always bring an assortment of division.
Be wise in your choice of friends and place people carefully where they belong in your life,
not everyone is qualified to handle you with care and not everyone has the same
motive for wanting to be close to you.

It is well with you. (by Wisdomites)

Much Love to You! Thanks.
Quinn Maybach :-)



27 Oct 10, 01:42 PM, Africa/Lagos

ow are u doing



21 Oct 10, 10:36 AM, Africa/Lagos

happy birthday
all my best to you
may your wishes come true
stay blessed


i want to ur friend

8 Apr 09, 01:25 PM, Africa/Lagos

can u add me as ur friend

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