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20 Aug 12, 05:01 PM, Africa/Lagos

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!


hi browneye

17 Aug 09, 09:15 PM, Africa/Lagos

happy birthday to yu are wish you long life and prosperity



2 May 09, 07:27 PM, Africa/Lagos

wats good


I got your email and thanks for adding me as ur pal!!!

27 Jan 09, 03:38 PM, Africa/Lagos


First, i want to say a warmest thank you for adding me as your pal and i want you to know that you will never regret doing that okay. Could you please send over to me your chatting ID so i can add you to my yahoo chatting room so we can talk more better and i will appreciate if you can also send to me your contact number to reach you in phone.

I base in Nigeria your country which we both know it to be a great country and i just graduated from EKPOMA AAU EDO STATE waiting to go and service and i pray God should open my way in Jesus name (Amen)

I will love to hear from you again and for my pics, if you want them i will go and scan one and send to you.

Warmest Regards to your house hold.
Mike a.k.a Scolojay



17 Oct 08, 03:57 AM, Africa/Lagos

______*hug*hug*______ __*hug*hug*______ _____*hug*___*hug*___ _*hug*_____*hug*____ ___*hag*______*hug*_* hug*_________*hag*__ ___*hsg*_________*hug *____________*hsg*_ ___*hhg*_______???___ __???________*hhg*__ ___*hag*______?____?_ ?____?______*hag*__ ____*hug_____?______? _____?_____*hug*___ _____*hug*____?___LOV E___?_____*hug*_____ ______*hug*_____?____ ___?_____*hug*______ ________*hug*_____?__ _?_____*hug*_______ __________*hug*_____? _____*hug*_________ ____________*hug*____ ___*hug*__________ _______________*hug*_ _*hug*____________ __________________*hu g*______________ $$_______$$$_____$$$_ __$$$_______$$$_$$$$$ $$$$$ $$$_____$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$_$$$_______$$$_$$$$ $$$$$$ $$$____$$$____$$$____ $$$_$$$_____$$$__$$$_ ______ $$$____$$$___________ $$$_$$$____$$$___$$$$ $$$$__ $$$_____$$$_________$ $$___$$$___$$$___$$$$ $$$$__ $$$______$$$_______$$ $_____$$$_$$$____$$$_ ______ $$$_______$$$_____$$$ ______$$$_$$$____$$$_ ______ $$$$$$$$$___$$$_$$$__ _______$$$$$_____$$$$ $$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$_____$$$____ ________$$$______$$$$ $$$$$ JUST PASSIN THREW 2 SHOW MY BABY SUM LOVE have fun it is all for u


hey Taiwo

14 Oct 08, 04:27 AM, Africa/Lagos

u look aw may be later but thanks fro the add!............lolol


U r cool

12 Aug 08, 09:15 AM, Africa/Lagos

Sometimes i wonder if pple lyk u still exist..i mean u r stunning n cute too...


africa queen

12 Jun 08, 07:22 AM, Africa/Lagos

indeed u re one

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