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I am working in times on my project and thank God for this far in my Life.
dusseldrof, Germany.

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Life Is What You Make off it.

19 Jan 14, 05:37 PM, Africa/Lagos

If You Care About What People Think Or Say About You,You will Always Be Their Prisoner.So Live Your Life And be happy For Who You are And Never Wish to be a Different Person Apart From that Real YOU ,Because everything the next man can have You can work hard to make that happen for YOURSELF ,So believe In you And That Good things Come to those who believe in it and wait on there Own TIME in LIFE.LOVE YOU ALL SPECIAL PEOPLE ON NAIJI, NA WHY OH


happy new year

2 Jan 11, 11:08 AM, Africa/Lagos

all the best in 2011.



28 May 10, 05:51 PM, Africa/Lagos

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2rue talk

22 May 10, 01:50 AM, Africa/Lagos

You've got a beautiful pix here. Have u ever been call gorgeous by sme1 b4? Well am using dis medium 2 tell u dat datz what u are.



19 May 10, 09:27 PM, Africa/Lagos

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