Adeola is my name, cool nice and making friends and like chating, i wish to no much about people. i"m free to call +234 8022553527

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Happy Belated Birthday Ademosco

9 Mar 11, 05:01 PM, Africa/Lagos

Happy 2011
May your special day be filled with memories and flowers,
friendship and happy hours.
Because you're you, I'm celebrating today!
Happy Birthday
Go you, its your birthday, we're going to party like its your birthday!
You're older today than yesterday but younger than tomorrow,
Happy Bday!
Have a wonderful day and fabulous year.
You were born to party.
(by birthday messages)
Much Love to You!
Quinn-Maybach :-)



24 Mar 09, 05:46 PM, Africa/Lagos

1. Get to know yourself
Before start looking for love you must first know yourself in depth. It is very important that you know where you come from,
who you are and where you are heading. If you do not know yourself, which are your tastes and preferences and if you are
unaware of your dreams, it is very unlikely that you can find a person that comes along with you in this wonderful journey called
life. I suggest you to take some notes. Read the next checking list and think about each question as much time as you might need
to. Write your answers to each and every one of the questions and keep them in a place that only you know. I recommend that at
least every six months you read again your answers or that you do it every time you need to remember who you are.

Likewise, I ask you to not move forward to the secret number 2 until you have not completed this first exercise.

- Where and under which circumstances was I born?
- Who is my family?
- How has my life been so far?
- How have my love relationships been so far?
- How is my character and personality?
- What are my hobbies?
- How do I see myself in 10 or 20 years?
- What are my dreams?

2. Why it is important to know yourself

The reason why you need to know yourself very well
before looking for love or increase your dates is because you need to evaluate your compatibility with the other person.

If you love art and museums but your boyfriend is only interested in baseball or football, he is probably not the one for you. If
your dream is to live in a Caribbean Island and go every day to the beach but you meet a woman who hates the sun and the ocean,
it is very likely that sooner or later you take different directions.

However, it is not a matter of finding a couple exactly like you, since you will not find him/her. What you should look for are
tastes, hobbies, characters, personalities and dreams that do not collide. The ideal would be that you two complement each other in
harmony and that each one walks along his/her own path without losing sight of the other.

3. Appreciate yourself

Once you know yourself in depth you have to learn to appreciate and love yourself. Nobody will appreciate you as much as
yourself. Appreciate everything about you: the way you are, the way you smile, the way you sing, the way you love. Only by
understanding that you are a unique and precious human being, you will be able to really care about others. Every person living on
this planet is beautiful and you are one of them.

I have an exercise for you. Take ten minutes in front of a mirror. Watch yourself really close. Try to understand how your fingers,
your arms, legs, eyes, nose and your brain work. Then imagine how it would be to live without any of them. I bet that after the
exercise you will appreciate yourself even more.

4. Appreciate everyone

Now that you know your true value you have to be able to find every person’s value. And let me repeat something I just told you,
every human being is beautiful and unique. We are perfect creatures. If you try to understand how the human body works, you
will realize that it is one perfect machine. If you try to learn about the way your brain works, you will see that it is the most
amazing super computer ever created.

Take a moment to see the people around you, with their goodness and flaws. They are just like you, they are just like your mother
and father, like your husband or wife, like your children. You might think that we are all different but we are not. The only
difference is the way in which life has shaped the personalities. We are the sum of all our moments.

5. Understand that everybody is different.

Once you appreciate yourself and appreciate others, you will find out that every person is different and that is why in love matters
everybody behaves in different ways.

If you used in the past a seduction technique that turned out well, it does not mean that it will always work. Remember that every
personality is different and for each one of them you need a different approach. For example, althought being straightforward work
most of the times, some shy people can find it intimidating.

That is why before trying to seduce somebody you must identify his/her personality and personal qualities in order to have a good
strategy and a correct approach.



24 Mar 09, 02:54 PM, Africa/Lagos

tanx call me 08051746790


hi pal

17 Mar 09, 04:35 PM, Africa/Lagos

hapi birthday in arrears


whatz up

18 Sep 08, 10:53 AM, Africa/Lagos

guy how r u doing day im feeling u gud G



15 Sep 08, 06:04 PM, Africa/Lagos

u r cool guy n sadiq

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