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im gittin ready for class! 3 classes today and fashion sho! :) shit cant wait
Corpus Christi, United states.

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"Born a Cameroun lionesse. C'est la vie"

hEyy WaSSuP! iiM jAsMiiNe FrM yAoUnDe, cAmErOuN! iiM 19 YeArS oLd! ii LiiVe In Da StAtEs iiN Da BeSt StAtE Of TeXaSSSSS bAbyyy! i WaS bOrN a LiiOnEsSe, AnD ii GoTz SwAggA LiiKe A LiiOnEsSe. CAMEROUN 4 LyFe bAbYY! ;) iiM uSuAllyyy NiiCe aNd FiiEsTy! ThAtS Y dA FeLLaZ <3 lOvE Me n Da cHiiCaZ hAtE mOii! LoLZ iiT's All gOoDs ThOuGh... U wAnNa kNoW mO aBoUt Me jUs HoLLa @ yO GuH jaZZyLiiCioUS aka bLaCk LiiOnEsSe aka pRiiNcEsSe jAsMiiNe! mUaHz PeAcE N lOvE 2 aLL mAh fRiiNdS aNd HaTerZ. :P P.S: I dOnT ApPrECiiAtE pErVErts (tO Da BOyz) I dOnT ApPrECiiAtE BiiTchES pOLLuTiiNG mAh ProFiiLe BuT uH ii wOuLd ApPrECiiAtE Ur pRoPs ThAnK yUh :):):)


School Level Location Years
Texas A&M University Corpus Christi
Higher Education United States 2009-2013

Comments (8)


Hi Baby Girl.

8 Mar 12, 01:11 PM, Africa/Lagos

Good to see your beatiful face angel, I will love to here from you soon.



4 Nov 10, 04:23 PM, Africa/Lagos

how are you doing? hope all is well with you and your family...just want to say hi.



16 Mar 10, 04:14 PM, Africa/Lagos

U r cookin in d kitchen..



5 Mar 10, 11:51 PM, Africa/Lagos

uve got swag and style; great sense of humor. hope this lioness dnt bite!!!!!!!! jst wanta hola av a great weekend


hey babe

2 Mar 10, 11:53 AM, Africa/Lagos

how waz ur weeknd, ope u have a gre8 weeknd......



16 Feb 10, 04:38 PM, Africa/Lagos

Thanks for the friend add..



16 Feb 10, 12:17 PM, Africa/Lagos

Good to go

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