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Long time I been naijapals haw far!!!
romford, United Kingdom.

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i am who i am i am me

loveing life and all the changes that are comeing my way, have great fath in God leading me to the life that i am ment, have hopes, wishes and dreams and always live by them, love every one that i meet and all the things that i see, and beleve that heaven on earth , getting excited to see whats to come, wishing that every one has peace in there minds and love in there hearts,hopeing that we all can come together and be as one giveing and sharing to are brothers and sisters, feeding the earth,opening doors to all that comes,helping haw we can i do the best that i can at each time, wishing light and love to spred around the world,and that every one rembers where we are from. as one x love life and make it haw it is ment to be. not going to give up on what i do, what ever comes my way, just going to catch the flow, and see haw it goes, live my life with the feeling that im walking the right parth, im feeling great too, just wont every one to no this, thanks mr G, you got me, and im going to do all i can to give back, you see i realy love, and people just get me rong, but thats ok, cos i no who i am and what i wont to do, thanks mr G, you give me peace in my mind, love and light when i write songs of the heart beet and dreams , you cant change the way you feel, if the feeling is just right, feeling like you can do anything, cant chang who i am, and i dont wont to,i love me the way i am, and i no that God is with me helping me in what i do, trying to feed the earth thanks for the time that you giveing me, take care and i wish you all the very best, go get your dreams that you wish, dont give up, you got all the strenth that you need, just lean back on God, and i will help all i can, im your friend, looking for my ment to be onelove x

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26 Jun 09, 05:33 PM, Africa/Lagos

how are you



18 Jun 09, 01:58 PM, Africa/Lagos

Just to hi


hi pal.

31 May 09, 12:15 PM, Africa/Lagos

blessed pal showing love,Aceous


happy day

30 May 09, 08:28 PM, Africa/Lagos

thanks stay bless 08030848654


same here

28 Apr 09, 03:12 PM, Africa/Lagos

am nt bad!



28 Apr 09, 02:17 PM, Africa/Lagos

how r u?



21 Apr 09, 02:48 PM, Africa/Lagos

same here



21 Apr 09, 02:42 PM, Africa/Lagos

am in uk aswel...yea,,the sun is aii...wuup2?



21 Apr 09, 02:31 PM, Africa/Lagos

am fine thnx...hope u have a nice weather there?



21 Apr 09, 02:27 PM, Africa/Lagos

how r u today/?? its been a while bbz...hope ure kl?

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