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14 Jan 20, 01:01 PM, Africa/Lagos

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21 Dec 18, 03:05 PM, Africa/Lagos

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i just started....flui

30 Nov 10, 05:14 PM, Africa/Lagos

am not supose to do this but taking a contagious risk by mail u,, cos u mite dull my intellects, but i wana asure u folawiyo,, if u know u cant tka ethis heat betta get yr ignorance ass off da kitchen,, cos my dawg's are coming hard on you,, real hard for thankGod we live in the same environ.. u live in ikeja so also is my ass. just put up yr pix and let me know where u gat the guts from to intrude my anger when u dont know a shit about music neverdless 9ice & rugged, bcos if u'r not a gangster then u'r in deep shit.{u'r about to get yr ass wooped} real bad.. ..it'll b good u hire a 9 life-cat 2 work wit... am stil saying it....eplusst dope lyricist.


tunji shit,,,,,,sorry teejah weee my ass--.

30 Nov 10, 04:25 PM, Africa/Lagos

i dont blame u bcos probably u mite be a very serious and chronic ignoramus to the music industry,, so when pple like us spits .. u keep yr trap shutdown but as i u decide to put yr 32 & half teeths in wat u'r not litrate of, u mite just get the bite then. am your mentor, your father u should choose yr ranking boy,, i've gat numerous sons am grooming but u cant undastand a word of wat about to say to u so why do i waste my time on dump brain like ya,,,, stay off my lane or you'll regret ever seeing my name on naija pals bcos i maybe yr online deathpal but am not in yr chat. if u have the guts load up yr pix and take up the battle .... when my single is down, u mite consider changing yr so call name to white...!hen.


one luv

26 Nov 10, 01:45 AM, Africa/Lagos

guy so much respect cos u really can see the light cos i dnt people really knw wats gist but anyhw it doesnt take all to be wise if only a few d beta..once more nice wrd up bro...

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