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back by popular demand ya feel me?
Sin CiTy, United states.

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Well life is too short, live it right, and that's exactly what am doing. Fun-lovin chic who gets along with everyone; and i mean everyone:-)

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21 May 12, 12:19 AM, Africa/Lagos

Seen your little page on fb HAHAHA. rodflmaoooo i knew it all along you is a little bitch with highest degree of slotie wards !! in short,,,your a bastardised prototype of an infected tramp lol. anyhow na you get yourself sha. as promised,,Shemale is officially off your back. it is well with you,,,,,,go in peace ! Thx for allowing me peep the page. Shemale ma still toy with you from time to time tho. hahaha later you.



27 Mar 12, 05:34 PM, Africa/Lagos

Haha you have not heard..i am shemale, i am on every social network doing my thang like flamajama. All fantasy should have a solid base in reality na. But to insure peace, i always ignore rules nd regulations. Fuck dem rotten anuses haha.

Lol for the first time you actually got me laughing hahaha. I tell you what, immu get off your back. Though i like clowns bcuz they always taste funny. I bet your forefather are in their graves by now, toasted and dead! Tell me, how can you talk and breathe at the same time? Haha sorry in your case i cant be blackmailed into saying a stupid person is smart but dont worry wud turn you off if you cant take me anymore. Okay okay wud stop following you as soon as we mark a deal. Okay lets see here, gimme your fb, wud come there hunt your ugly ass down lmaooo. Okay seriously here goes the deal, since it aint new am a lesbo faggetie, it wud afford me a great deal of pleasure to really lick your nastie ass and suck your dirty dickpussy hahaha. LWKFDDD!! By the way am an American/South African!!!!!



14 Jan 12, 06:50 PM, Africa/Lagos

Come lick my toto


dick head

14 Jan 12, 06:49 PM, Africa/Lagos

How about i wash my cunt in your face



16 Nov 11, 01:51 AM, Africa/Lagos

Shame on ur anus! Abnormal buffalo,u're so ugly dat d 7 fat nurses dat pulled u out of ur mothers pussy at birth fainted when dey saw u.
U were So deformed at birth dat u've got ur ass inbetween ur laps,& ur pussy inbetween ur breast,3 lips,7 ears,5 anus,half buttocks,involuted pussy inbetween ur anus,milk-white pubic hairs,swollen eyeballs,oblong-shape d skull,95 set of huge triangular teeth.Even well-known surgeons couldn't correct ur abnormalities. U ought 2 thank me 4 rescueing ur soul 4rm death. Look how i cured u, i extracted ur involuted pussy wit a plier,i sealed d excess 4 anus wit a bubble gum,i choped off several ears wit an axe,i scraped ur pubic hair with a hoe,i hit ur oblong skull wit a big pestle,i used a bulldozer 2 demolish ur oversized dentition. Won't u thank me for transforming u 4rm a rejected liability beast 2 a human being?


ugly corpse

16 Nov 11, 01:50 AM, Africa/Lagos




7 May 10, 10:07 PM, Africa/Lagos

wats up?


hi luv

15 Apr 10, 06:53 PM, Africa/Lagos

tanx 4 bein my frnd


yo lady.....

9 Apr 10, 11:05 PM, Africa/Lagos

wat goooooooooooood...wel l somebody had 2 check on wats up gal


my company?

2 Apr 10, 11:28 AM, Africa/Lagos

OK, you'll have it if you promise to be good.

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