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Am cool and always smiling thanking God for his Mercy and Protection over my Family and Friends!
FCT Abuja, Nigeria.

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Experience is the best teacher: we learn 4rm ppls.

Like interacting with people and i easily makes friends cos am an easy going and friendly in nature.


School Level Location Years
Federal Government College, Kwali
Secondary / High school Federal Capital Territory Abuja 2004-2007

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5 Jun 09, 10:27 AM, Africa/Lagos

Hi labake Goodmorning,how is your family i hope you are all doing well over there, if so glory be to Amighty God(AMEN) PLS CALL ME ON DIS NO 08086180985



22 May 09, 01:15 PM, Africa/Lagos

ur so auckward to be here! please move ass out of this site.
binladen wife!!!



21 May 09, 09:15 AM, Africa/Lagos

As-salam Alaekum, Waramotullahi, Wa-Barakatuhu.



19 May 09, 08:39 PM, Africa/Lagos

anyway i will l to b ur friend u can contact me on dis no 080886180985



29 Apr 09, 01:34 PM, Africa/Lagos

A good muslim woman should always cover herself from head to toes, pls. try to use normal hijab prescribe by Allah (S.A.W) and his prophet. thanks
your muslim brother



2 Apr 09, 05:16 AM, Africa/Lagos

what a geogeous pic ima is mine,can i make a friend with u?



27 Mar 09, 08:04 AM, Africa/Lagos

hi labake i will like u 2 be my friend



20 Feb 09, 02:48 PM, Africa/Lagos

mind being my girlfriend



19 Feb 09, 07:09 AM, Africa/Lagos

Nice pics u are great



29 Jan 09, 02:38 PM, Africa/Lagos

add me now [email protected] ALLAH This is the Personal Name of the Creator of the universe WHO is the fount of all exalted virtues, No one ever has been called by this name before, nor is it lawful to call any one now by name. Allah is the true object of all your devotions ; to Him alone is due all your worship and sacrifice ; and HIS protection is the only refuge against all apprehensions. Hence cherish love for Him in your heart, offer true worship to Him only, and put all your trust and reliance upon him alone.
AL-RAHMAN HE WHO is very zealous in beneficence and Whose Mercy. knows no bounds; the ONE WHO out of HIS Mercy has bestowed great bounties on mankind.
AL-RAHIM HE WHOSE Blessings are constantly descending, WHOSE perennial bounty never ceases. As in the world, man obtains sustenance, progresses forward, advances on the path of righteousness, and is enjoying an opportunity to act under the constant shade of God's Blessings, so also in the eternal world the pious shell secure a life peace and luxury in a comfortable abode like Paradise by the grace of this Attribute of God.
AL-MALIK Real King of the universe, WHOSE authority is supreme in both worlds.
AL-QUDDUS Completely free from all defects and errors. Hence the Law HE has transmitted to us is infallible.
AS-SALAM free from and immune to all foibles or failings.
AL-MU'MIN Saviour and protector from all calamities and torments.
AL-MUHAIMIN Guardian of the creatures ; HE WHO protects from sins.
AL-AZIZ The only source of dignity and authority . ONE WHOSE sovereignty reigns supreme over all.
AL-JABBAR The all powerful overlord , the Mighty ; ONE WHO sets right the destiny of HIS creatures.
AL-MUTAKABBIR Fount of grandeur and sovereignty ; WHO has no partner in sovereignty.
AL-KHALIQ Repository of befitting powers and faculties and bestowed of the best form.
AL-BARI The nonsuch Inventor, WHO brings into being all from nonentity.
AL-MUSSA' WIR ONE WHO given various shapes and forms to HIS creation.
AL-GHAFFAR All-Forgiving and All Forgoing.
AL-QAHHAR Full Sovereign and Perfect Authority over HIS creatures.
AL-WAHID ONE , WHO has no partner in HIS Attributes, Powers and privileges.
AL-TAWWAB ONE WHO relents to HIS creatures and accepts the repentance of the wrongdoers.
AL-WAHHAB Selfless Benefactor ; and Generous.
AL-KHALLAQ Creator of everything, at all time and in all manners Perfect Creator.
AL-RAZZAQ Generous Sustainer of HIS creatures; WHO meets all their needs and demands.
AL-MATEEN All strength and Power.
AL-FATTAH Fair Judge of HIS creature--- Reliever of all hardships.
AL-ALEEM Directly aware of every word and action, feeling and thought of HIS bondmen.
AL-MUHIT HE WHO encompasses all creation; nothing is outside the purview of HIS knowledge and authority.
AL-QADIR Has got full power and authority over everything.
AL-HALIM Not eager to put people to torment; HE WHO allows every chance to the people to reform themselves ; Extremely Tolerant.
AL-GHAFUR Most Forbearing ; HE WHO covers up the faults and sins with HIS utmost Mercy.
AL-AFUWW All Forgiving.
AL-SHAKOOR ONE WHO fully appreciates the good actions of HIS bondmen.
AL- AZIM Great and Venerable in HIS Being and Attributes.
AL-WASI All embracing, Most over-whelming, Most liberal benefactor of HIS salves.
AL-HAKIM The Most Wise controller of the whole system of the universe and the affairs if HIS bondmen.

AL-HAYYU Fount of Life. immune from death, sleep or dozing off.
AL-QAYYUM Administrator and Maintainer of the universe.
AS-SAMI Hearer of the petitions of HIS bondmen ; completely aware of HIS creatures.
Al-BASIR Keeps watch over the deeds and affairs of HIS bondmen so the HE may Judge between them fairly.
AL-LATIF Extremely astute ; Very minute in HIS Plans and their execution.
AL-KHABIR HE WHO fully keeps abreast of everything concerning HIS slaves.
AL-ALIYYU Supreme and Highly Exalted.
AL-KABIR Very Venerable and Great, WHO has no partner or rival in greatness.
AL-HAQQ WHOSE existence is an undeniable truth and its denial by anybody makes no difference.
AL-MUBEEN HE WHO unravels and vindicates the truth
AL-MAULA Supporter and Sustainer of the believers. The True Master ; ONE WHO meets all the needs of mankind.
AL-NASEER Helper and Supporter of the believers.
AL-KAREEM Magnanimous Forgiver and Magnanimous in Dealings.
AL-GHANI Independent of all species of creatures and unmindful if them.
AL-HAMEED Praiseworthy in Himself ; WHO need no praise or thanksgiving from any ONE.
AL-QAWIYYU Mighty, before whom no power matters.
ASH-SHADEED Extremely strict Arraigner, whom nobody can dodge.
AR-RAQEEB Vigilant over the deeds and affairs of HIS servants.
AL-QAREEB Closest to HIS bondmen.
AL-MUJIB WHO entertains and grants the prayers of HIS bondmen.
AL-WAKIL WHO solves the problems of HIS bondmen and meets their demands and requirements. ONE WHO undertakes to fulfill the wants of mankind.
AL-HASEEB WHO puts HIS bondmen to task and thoroughly scrutinizes all of their acts and deeds.
AL-JAMI WHO will reshape the body with its particles and gather all HIS bondmen.
AL- QADIR WHO has the capacity and power to accomplish everything.
AL-HAFEEZ Saviour of HIS bondmen from all calamities and hardship.
AL-MUQEET HE WHO has full power to apportion fair shares among creatures ; the Sustainer.
AL-WADUD WHO cherishes bouudless love for HIS bondmen.
AL-MAJEED Venerable and Dignified.
ASH-SHAHEED Omnipresent ; Omnisciently aware of everything.
AL-WARIS Real Owner of everything, WHOSE ownership will never lapse.
AL-MUHYI Bestower of life upon HIS creation.
AL-WALIYYU Patron and Supporter of the believers.
AL-FATIR Creator of each and every thing in the Universe.

AL-MALIK The Real Owner of everything before whom all are power less and helpless.
AL-MUQTADIR Absolute sovereign over everything, free from all sorts of dependence.
AL-MALEEK All-Powerful King.
AL-AWWAL HE WHO pro-existed of all the creation.
AL-AKHIR WHO will exist even after the and of the whole creation.
AL-ZAHIR WHOSE Divine authority and control is manifest from each particle of the universe.
AL-BATIN Invisible and Hidden from the eyes.
AL-QAHIR Wielding complete domination and authority over HIS bondmen.
AL-KAFI WHO suffices in Himself to al the needs of HIS bondmen.
ASH-SHAKIR Appreciator of the struggle and deeds of HIS bondmen.
AL-MUSTA'AN The Being from Whom help is sought.
AL-BADEE Original Creator ; Unrivalled Inventor.
AL-GHAFIR Forgiven of sins.
AL-HAKIM Ruler over HIS creation ; The only Authority and Law Giver.
AL-GHALIB Having full authority and complete control.
AL-HAKAM Dispenser of full justice.
AL-ALIM Fully aware of all that is open or hidden ; All Knowing.
AL-MUTA'AAL Supreme and Exalted under all circumstances.
AL-RAFI WHO enjoys the most lofty and Exalted ranks.
AL-HAFIZ Protector from calamities and accidents.
AL-MUNTAQIM HE WHO takes revenge from HIS enemies and the enemies HIS Faithful.
AL-ILAH Deity, save whom none deserves deserves devotion.
AL-HADI WHO guides to the right path, Sender of the Prophet and the Book.
AL-RAUF Most Beneficent to HIS bondmen.
AN-NOOR WHO illuminates both the worlds ; Source of Light.
AL-AKRAM Noble and Dignified ; Magnanimous in dealing with HIS bondmen.
AL-ALA Paramount and Supreme.
AL-BARR WHO shows favour to HIS creatures ; Munificent to HIS bondmen.
AR-RAB Sustainer and Guardian. HE WHO protects from all dangers and affords all means of development to perfection ; Lord ; Master.
AL-HAFIYYU Most Mindful Benefactor of HIS creation.
AL-AHAD Unique, Unparalleled, Unrivalled, WHO has no equal.
AS-SAMAD Independent, relying on none ; upon Whom all are dependent.
AL-QA'IM BIL QIST WHO administers justice and fairplay.

The planet and the whole universe in which we live bear all the properties necessary for our lives. Someone who thinks about this will see clearly that Allah created the whole universe for us
Man, for example, can breathe effortlessly all the time. The air he inhales neither burns his nasal passages nor makes him dizzy nor causes headaches. The proportion of the gases in air is designed with the amounts that are most suitable for the human body.
If the oxygen concentration in the atmosphere were a little more or a little less than at present, in both cases life would vanish. He then remembers what a hard time he has in breathing in airless places. As a believing person continues to think on this subject, he constantly gives thanks to his Lord.

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