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Ebola is only the latest highly infectious, potentially life-threatening illness to be active in our world. It has taken over the media and published by many resources including pay someone to write my paper cheap service as no other issue and has eclipsed even the so-called "kid virus" that is spreading across the US and now leading to deaths or paralysis in some children. The unseen menace is everywhere and it travels effortlessly via airplanes, trains, buses or even bicycles because the carriers or contaminated surfaces show no visible sign of danger. Persons who may have been in a place that could have led to exposure to Ebola are, once they are identified, required to place themselves in quarantine. The withdrawal from societal interaction may be voluntary, but could be mandated by legal authorities to contain the virus' spread. In either case, whether in one's home or in an institutional setting, plagues that swept over Europe during the Middle Ages. Fortunately, we have clinical protocols and medical procedures as well as treatments to combat this most recent illness. The part of the equation that needs handling now is the fear that is spreading about the illness and how it is transmitted. Just as we did with the AIDS crisis, education is our most potent weapon against this fear.

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