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Joy Unekwu

what do ya all think about nigeria's election polls?
Abuja, Nigeria.

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2 see that which is not,gaze on wat is....



School Level Location Years
ILO University Of Ilorin, Ilorin
Higher Education Kwara 2008-2012
jewel model school kubwa
Primary Federal Capital Territory Abuja 1994-2000

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you and your dream

10 Dec 11, 08:42 PM, Africa/Lagos

Simple, but the reason and difference is that, as a kid it is what we see that we like, but as adults; the true reality of life comes to play.Good talk anyway, Amas, its been awhile!



3 Jun 11, 09:29 AM, Africa/Lagos

The general election was free, fair, and credible. it really tells about the future to come. Certainly one day Nigeria will become the Heros of the world. Lets join hand to embrace peace and harmony among our-self. To God be the glory



14 Apr 11, 07:08 AM, Africa/Lagos

What makes today different from yesterday is because im going to received a bountiful blessing !!



11 Jan 11, 04:52 PM, Africa/Lagos

thanks dear


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hey unekwuojo

17 Nov 10, 02:54 PM, Africa/Lagos

been awhile for real. how r you n ur family? you're free to hit me up anytime ok. take good care.



6 Oct 10, 06:48 PM, Africa/Lagos

Kindly call me on 08038543891 to talk more better



17 May 10, 08:09 AM, Africa/Lagos

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15 Jan 10, 10:42 PM, Africa/Lagos

how preparation for d exams????



13 Jan 10, 03:24 PM, Africa/Lagos

am fine. how is the new year like? I wish u a blessed days, weeks and month. happy new new

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