I hv com 2 undstnd dat all women ar jst so weak no matter he...
I hv com 2 undstnd dat all women ar jst so weak no matter her class or staus.
My Lady boss @ office whom I hv been seein as elegant,strong headed,emotionally strong has authomatically started actn lyk a teenage grl in love. Fyn I impressed her wt my dedication 2 d work @ office & we startd as casuals frends bt 2 my suprise ystday(friday) she said I hv 2 tk her clubin dat her hubby isn't n town & her kids has returnd 2 skool.
N brief,as am typin dis,we ar both restn 4rm d maratons we started tru out d 9t. & sriosly dis woman is jst insatiable,& my senses tell me am jst in 4 a big troble,don't even no hw 2 act wen we get bak 2 work on monday.

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