A sorry tale of endless lies – the Neo Black Movement aka Black Axe

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To the Nigerian public, the Neo Black Movement as Africa (NBM) is generally known as the Black Axe campus cult which is known for unspeakable terror and atrocities. Both names are used synonymously by everybody except members of this secretive confraternity. NBM insist on being a "registered non-partisan, non-religious and non-tribal organisation that sincerely seek to revive, retain and modify where necessary those aspects of African culture that would provide vehicles of progress for Africa and her peoples." In public, they claim that they are not present at campuses and have no connection to the Black Axe campus cult. This is just the most blatant of all lies that this group (and all other cults, for that matter) spreads. Trying to understand NBM means digging through heaps of lies.
A number of secret documents have been published in the past months and have shed light onto how NBM operates behind the scenes. Needless to say that this has infuriated members of NBM. A published member list of NBM was removed instantly, even though the leadership of NBM claimed simultaneously that such documents “are publicly available and are usually disposable to the Police and Corporate Affairs Commission. The NBM keeps a list of its certified members who have been duly cleared and found not to be involved in any sort of cultism". This statement is yet another lie. No significant information was ever publicly available, and even less so a certified member list – since no such thing exists. The membership census had only just started a few months earlier and had not been completed (hence the member list was very incomplete at that time). NBM neither know how many members they have and who they are, nor do they know how many temples (campuses) they are present at. After the member list was published, their official homepage and the census website were shut down. So much for their claim of transparency!! Instead, desperate activity with more crack addled strategies than crack strategies began in order to identify and punish (in this group this means kill and behead) the persons behind publishing the member list and other information.
As for their claims to fight against oppression, members seem unable to identify what neo-blackism and panafricanism even means, and even less so in which ways it could be significant in today’s world. They have not progressed beyond "mourning" events that took place more than 50 years ago in South Africa (as if they gave a flying shit). The efforts in this field are limited to copy-pasting the same hollow and outdated phrases over and over again. NBM’s only activity in this field consists of claiming to be a neo-blackist and panafricanist group.
The efforts to “re-brand” the confraternity by means of half-hearted charitable actions can be seen in the same light. Internally, the few visits to orphanages and hospitals are termed “image laundering and publicity”. There are also a number of dubious charity organisations in the orbit of NBM which mainly offer a stage to prospective politicians and bigwigs among members to portray themselves as the philanthropists (that they are not) in public. As to be expected, these charities invariably claim to fight against cultism among long and obscure catalogues of other phantom projects, while at the same time their supporters are in the highest ranks of a group that operates a murderous campus cult.
Their approach to campus violence is probably the most mendacious aspect of NBM. In public they outright deny any involvment, but internally whine about how it damages their image. However nothing is actually done against it. There is a total lack of empathy and a bizarre approval of “ruggedity” which is thought to show supremacy. One wonders why supremacy should matter in the benevolent humanitarian objectives they claim for themselves. Members of NBM, however, do not seem to think this far. While some are still able to see a certain contradiction between being (well, claiming to be) a charity and murdering numerous people, raping, robbing and scamming, most are not or simply don’t care. Considering how stubbornly they claim to be meaningful and good, they probably have developed a form of mental blindness towards their own contradictions and lies. It is otherwise inexplicable why they make their lives so hard by claiming to be something that they are so obviously not. Why they don’t simply be what they claim to be or alternatively stop claiming to be something they are not.
So what appeal does it hold to be a member of this confraternity? Why would any reasonable person want to be part of a group in which grown men call each other silly names and go out to kill members of other groups who do exactly the same? A group that is - apart from the criminal aspects - mainly about managing an inflated administration that serves only to maintain a hollow façade without actual content. The motivations to be a member are unsurprisingly dubious. Some scientific papers have identified psychopathological behaviour in Nigerian youths as one of the culprits. Certainly insecurity and a desire to feel powerful and/or meaningful can draw some towards cultism. It can be assumed though that being in the cult increases existing psychopathological behaviour, leading to megalomania, arrogance, blindness and total loss of reality, not to mention “ruggedity” and a noteworthy hatred and disrespect for women. Undoubtedly far fewer students would go around killing each other for no reason and raping women if they weren"t members of cults like NBM. Apparently brainwashing them with the idea of "supremacy" and "ruggedity" has this effect.
However, being a member apparently also offers some advantages to the individual member, most of which are selfish and opportunistic. In the first place, the confraternity serves as a nepotistic structure to bring members into gainful positions. Once they are there, they haul more members up the career ladder. In such a way, cultists have infiltrated politics, the banking system, the legal system and most other spheres of society. In addition to this, local groups of NBM often act as crime cells with members cooperating in various criminal operations. This does not only include armed robbery but also cyber crime of all types. Even the highest-ranking members who are often successful business men are not ashamed to supplement their salary by means of shabby 419 scamming.
This cult is therefore perpetuating the system of violence, corruption, greed and nepotism that is gripping Nigeria, and NBM is betraying the ideals it claims to represent and doing the exact opposite. A small number of members actually seem to believe in the original ideology. In these cases it is the most incomprehensible why they would not simply join an organisation that really works on these issues and doesn’t only abuse them as a pretty façade.
Fellow Nigerians, we must overcome this cankerworm of cultism for a peaceful and humane country. No cultist should be allowed into any responsible position, be it in politics, education, or finance. Cultists should no longer be able to benefit from being members of an illegal organisation. It is quite ridiculous that they can even become politicians while belonging to an organisation that is prohibited by law. The top cultists of NBM and other such groups apparently enjoy immunity and are never arrested in spite of being the widely known and publicised heads of an illegal organisation. This gives them the possibility to bribe lower-ranking members out of prison when they are arrested. And the killing goes on....
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