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Something Right

Something Right
by Westlife

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evergreen evergreen
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fool again fool again
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flying without wings flying without wings
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against all odds against all odds
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when you're looking like that when you're looking like that
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unbreakeable unbreakeable
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how to break a heart. how to break a heart.
by Westlife
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am i supose to live you now am i supose to live you now
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tonight tonight
by Westlife
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what makes a man what makes a man
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like a rose like a rose
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it's you it's you
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puzzle of my heart puzzle of my heart
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as long as u love me as long as u love me
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i swear it all over again i swear it all over again
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unbreakable unbreakable
by westlife
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more than words more than words
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love can build a bridge love can build a bridge
by Westlife[Rugged]
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my love my love
by westlife
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