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i it right allow ur thought ralm you?


Date Saturday, September 3rd 2011, 1:32 PM in Romance
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i saw dis beautiful gal in my street one morning on my way to the supermarket. Trying to have a facial contact with me.
At first i thought she was just finding mistake in my dressing. I never had a deep rekindling thought on what she want from me. After my thoughts and looks at her we dispersed like am oil bean.
The next day i joined a group of guys to the cyber cafe. She saw and was captivated at my love. I started having a second thought. Thinking she is a girl that falls in love with any one she sees. I was letter told by my friends dat she was looking at me.
De next day i confronted my self with courage and went to their house only to see her huging another guy. I left heart brakon and promise never to see her again.

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