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There is so much more to life and love, somewhere in between the two i find myself being pulled in different two directions.In the ultimate test of of destiny i find myself becoming an actor willingly onthe inside while pulling away outwards,my heart "loves" two at the same time i don"t know if that"s the right word to use.

The first is very strong but hard to hold onto because it goes with the saying: "out of sight is out of mind". We are close in the soul-to-soul thing but far apart physically due to some obstacles.The second,started as a mere sham love on my part but it later turned on me because what i don"t want to be that is what I"ve become;a man deeply in love with every heart beat.I was later stabbed by the second,my greatest fears became the reality staring me in the face,i tried to turn and walk away but my feet refused to move because it was being held by the saying; "closeness creates affection", we were close physically at first but in the end i was only one left to stare at the pool of empty water in the woods.
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